Lisa Jackson likely Resigned Over Use of Aliases


Lisa Jackson

I don’t think Lisa Jackson’s sudden departure under curious circumstances should wipe out the whole of her efforts, though I don’t agree with much of her left-wing ideas such as killing the Keystone pipeline and attacking our energy sources.

Her resignation is curiously timed with an upcoming release of her dog’s email records. Allegedly, she used false identities for false record keeping purposes and it has been determined that she used the alias “Richard Windsor,” her dog’s name.

On December 12, 2012, Arvin Ganesan, the associate administrator for congressional and intergovernmental affairs at the EPA, told a House committee that Lisa Jackson used a fake name and secret email account for official business. At the time he did not provide the documentation to back up his statements though it had been requested.

The House committee renewed the request for the documentation, concerned that secret email accounts and fake names were used to conduct official business which could hide contents from public access as required by FOIA – the Freedom of Information Act.

Such actions are against federal record-keeping laws and regulations. The EPA’s IG opened an investigation the next day.

Her sudden resignation makes her appear guilty since the emails are soon to be released.

The Justice Department has agreed to release 12,000 thousand emails from her dog’s account beginning January 14th at the rate of 3,000 per month. An attorney for the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), Chris Horner, sued along with the CEI earlier this year for those documents.

Mr. Horner is looking for information on the “war on coal.” He believes that this effort to hide the emails is proof that they are records she doesn’t want people to see.

The NY Post reported that she resigned suddenly because she was convinced that President Obama was going to green-light the Keystone pipeline. That sounds more like wishful thinking. That is not confirmed nor is the rumor that she is to accept the presidency of Princeton University.

What is confirmed is her use of a false identity for official communications.

It is not unusual to have multiple accounts but it is unusual to use aliases for work communications with officials among the highest levels since it is illegal.

It is no way to run a government. It’s not very transparent when you communicate officially using your dog’s name. Apparently, Carol Browner used the same practice.

Lisa Jackson said yesterday that she is most proud of her climate endangerment policies and accomplishments. She is the most Progressive EPA chief we have had in this history.

Today is January 11th and we will begin to hear what was in those accounts on the 14th and 15th. My money is on the dog having sent some illegal communications.