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Benghazi, 9/11
Benghazi “Protester” 9/11/13

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Mr. Gregory Hicks, Mr. Eric Nordstrom, and Mr. Mark I. Thompson testified.

There was no protest. They knew it was a terror attack from the beginning. Mr Hicks spoke with Ambassador Stevens as he was under attack and Ambassador Stevens said it was an attack; he never mentioned a protest. Ambassador Stevens would have told Mr Hicks if there was a protest according to Mr. Hicks.

From the onset of the attack, they knew it was a terror attack. There were about 60 armed insurgents at the compound and the attack was designed to keep accelerating in waves.

Neither Thompson nor Hicks heard anything about a protest.

After the Susan Rice interview, Mr Hicks asked Ms. Jones, an Assistant Secretary of State, why Rice said it was a protest over a video. The sense he got was that he needed to stop the line of questioning. He was demoted to a desk job shortly after by the same people who praised him immediately after the attack.

Ms. Jones sent a memo on 9/12 citing Ansar al-Sharia as behind the attack.

There was no talk of a video ever until Susan Rice said it on the Sunday news shows.

Mr. Hicks was stunned and embarrassed by Susan Rice’s testimony.

Ambassador Stevens was taken to a hospital under the control of Ansar al Sharia.

Libyan President al-Mugarif took great personal risk in going to the scene of the attack and then going on TV to announce it was a terror attack. The impact of contradictory testimony immediately after embarrassed the Libyan government. It then took 18 days to get the FBI to Benghazi and the US had to deal with lower level employees as a result of putting the Libyan president in the situation he was in.

The second-in-command at State Patrick Kennedy – Hillary’s aide (Undersecretary  of State for Management) was heavily involved.  Patrick Kennedy repeatedly denied requests in Benghazi and a prior attack in East Africa. He berated Mr. Hicks for talking with congress.

There were two stand-down orders, both in Croatia and in Aviano, to FEST (Foreign Emergency Support Team) and they were both given to Lt Colonel Ed Gibson’s Special Forces Team. The teams possibly had time to get to Benghazi before Doherty and Woods died.

FEST, the counterterrorism team most relevant and most important to deploy during a terror attack, was left out of all talks. Prior to the attacks, a highly capable team was removed as the situation grew worse in Benghazi.

The defense attache said help was 2-3 hours away in Aviano. There were questions about a ship not being in the area to refuel.

The ARB under Mullins and Pickering did not and would not interview either Hicks or Thompson.

Hicks and Thompson were not allowed to be personally interviewed by or isolated with Congressman Chaffetz.

Help was removed from the consulate after a carjacking of our people. Normally, that would be the impetus for more help or complete removal of personnel.

The security at Benghazi did not meet the minimum requirements.

Hicks’ lawyer cannot get the proper clearance to properly represent her client.

There was no fog of war, no confusion, no video, no protest, from the moment of the attack, it was known that it was a terror attack led by Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamist terrorist group, an affiliate of al Qaeda.

None of the people who testified to the ARB were allowed to read its classified report.

Hicks debriefed Hillary at 2 am after the attack and she never asked who was behind the attack.

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