Lobbyist Warns Team Clinton 9/11 Suit Will Expose Clinton Foundation Donors


In email 3003 from Cheryl Mills to John Podesta, a prominent lawyer/lobbyist for 9/11 families Jack Quinn warns Team Clinton that the 9/11 case will expose her Saudi donors. He offers to coordinate.


Saudi Arabia has poured enormous amounts of money into the Clinton Foundation. The monarchy itself donated between $10 million and $25 million to the foundation, and the group Friends of Saudi Arabia, which was co-founded by a Saudi prince, gave at least $1 million more.

Quinn wrote there would be sustained media attention.

John Podesta, the current chair of the Clinton campaign, thanked Quinn for the warnings. In another email on March 27, Podesta replied, “I appreciate your bringing this to our attention.”

“Should we worry about this?” Podesta wrote the next day in a message to Mills, a close adviser to Hillary Clinton who sits on the board of the Clinton Foundation and who served as chief of staff to Clinton when she was secretary of state. Mills replied, “I have been ignoring it — will read it.”

In a follow-up email on March 27, Quinn explained that he did not want the 9/11 Saudi case to be politicized, but feared it would likely be.

Quinn was referencing comments made by Senator Rand Paul who characterized Saudi Arabia’s huge contributions to the Clinton Foundation as “thinly veiled bribes.” He called on Hillary Clinton to return donations from Saudi Arabia and other U.S.-allied regimes, like Brunei and the United Arab Emirates, that refuse to grant basic rights to women.

Paul later called for Americans to boycott Saudi Arabia, similar to the widespread boycott against apartheid South Africa decades earlier.