Local Responsibility Must Come First


Big Government

It is disappointing that no demographic group in the United States, whether white, black, right, religious or not, married or not has an overwhelming majority that believe morality in the United States is getting better.

Overall, 72% think the country is in a state of moral decline. It is our culture that has led to this moral decline. It is the decline in personal responsibility that has led to the condition that we find ourselves in.

A good portion of this country has abdicated their personal responsibility to the State and expect others to smooth over the mistakes they make as individuals.

We are more polarized politically than we have ever been before. Rather than hones discussions, the starting point now is personal attacks and far too often, violence. In our everyday lives, in the media, in our everyday interaction with others. we see violence as a way to solve and differences with those that oppose us. The great leaders of the past have given way to hand painted signs and riots, usually being paid by someone who will enrich themselves by the chaos they cause.

Our foundations, the building blocks that have made this country great, are being taken down, being considered old fashioned, and no longer part of our everyday lives. We are the new generation, the ones that know better than those who founded this country.

Things have changed and as a country we feel those foundation principles of morality, respect, and understanding will no longer apply in our brave new world. Our speech, our religious beliefs must be curtailed so that the socialist disruption of freedom of speech can shame those that disagree into silence.

The country is being overtaken by trigger words such as” Islamophobia”, created by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, or “racist”. They are used to end discussions.

The discussions won’t stop and the cultural and moral citizens of this country will finally have enough and the discussions will move forward. Those who espouse socialism and the curtailment of rights, including freedom of religion, and speech will attempt to shout down and cause violence against those who disagree.

Most Americans see no problem with the forced confiscation of monies to help others. It is always “for the children”, a tried and true socialist meme that in the end helps no one but those taking the money out of your pocket.

Capitalism has been blamed for the present crisis that we find ourselves in, but it is “crony capitalism” that is the challenge that we face. Both the Democratic and Republican parties agree that our money should belong to the government, they just have different rice bowls that need to be filled.

The power to make laws rests with Congress. Our Constitution was written that way to keep the country from devolving into dictatorship.

Today, a vast alphabet soup of Federal, and State regulatory agencies are making determinations that should be left to Congress. We have federal agencies like the EPA, the FCC, and the IRS and others, run by career bureaucrats who are attempting to run our everyday lives.

From the light bulbs we use, to the toilets we flush, to being able to smoke or barbecue in our back yards, the politicians look to control every aspect of our lives, under the premise that the Federal or State governments know better and that we need to be protected from ourselves.

In 2014. There were over 75,000 pages of new regulations adopted, often written by agencies with no legal power to do so, and which were primarily unread. These regulations, often issued by executive fiat are written by invisible people who get little attention other than by the other lawyers in Washington D.C. who dream these things up.

The first requirement for any politician who wishes to be President should be to send most of the regulations and agencies back to the States to be controlled on a local level and, if found to be unnecessary, to be shut down with the money to be used for other purposes or to be given back to the citizens from which it came. This should be the platform for a Presidential candidate in 2016.

Those ensconced in Washington D.C., with its perks and crony capitalism, would tell you this could not work, and the media would splash all over the front pages of how this would cause descent into chaos. But a large majority of the American people have no faith in the Federal government, and look forward to the day when decisions can be made locally. This includes people from all demographics, races, genders, and creeds.

Sates rights, included in the tenth amendment have been called Jim Crow laws and segregation, causing some Americans to feel that without the federal government, abuses of the past will come back to haunt the country.

Decisions made on a local and state level can further the republic if the well informed citizenry are able to make decisions for the communities they live in. More could be done on the local level if the monies now sent to the Federal level were retained in the communities to be used as the local governments see fit. Local governments have always seen the challenges they face much clearer that the Federal government.

There is also the premise that local government would be less likely to be corrupt. A total of 47% of the inspectors general of several agencies wrote a letter to Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee stating that the agencies that they were supposed to monitor withheld information they needed to do the job they were assigned to do.

Corruption and criminality in the federal agencies are rampant. From targeting the opposition at the IRS to the deaths of veterans due to incompetence at the VA, Inspectors General are being obstructed by the bureaucrats running these agencies and Congress, although trying to make a difference, is basically ineffectual.

Education must also change. There can no longer be the lock step liberal indoctrination of our children. Our rich heritage and history are no longer taught. Our children are being indoctrinated into a Socialist mindset from climate change to sex.

There is a concerted effort to undermine the traditional family and to historically devalue the culture and beliefs that have made this country great. Our children must be made to understand that opportunity is there for all to succeed rather than denigrate that which gives them that opportunity.

Until local governance is put in place, and politicians such as Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Jeh Johnson and others are held accountable for the actions they have taken, nothing will change. It is up to the citizens of this country to become Informed and push for the localization of politics that will bring the responsibility back not only to the government but to the individual as well.