Long Island’s 2300 Illegal Alien Children Pose a Challenge


Since we as Americans are paying for all these illegal aliens, including children, we have the right to know who they are and where they are. Our transparent administration won’t tell us because Mr. Obama operates like a tinpot dictator.

CBS News radio reported last month that the children will have no impact on Americans economically because they are going to families already here.

Unsurprisingly, Newsday has a story posted Monday about the fact that the new students pose a challenge.

Nassau and Suffolk have received the highest number in the tristate region and the third nationally. Governor Cuomo, no fan of suburbia, said it’s appropriate that we get them because we have the money.

The children were put in primarily Black and Latino districts but they are also districts that are heavily subsidized with federal and state tax dollars. They are also districts with more than their share of problems already. The districts include Central Islip, Glen Cove, Freeport, Hampton Bays, Brentwood, Hempstead, Westbury, Uniondale, and Patchogue-Medford.

Julie Lutz, chief operating officer of Eastern Suffolk BOCES said, “It’s a challenge for districts to be able to accommodate students who come in, not only because they are English-language learners, but my guess is that these are students who come in with potentially other emotional trauma as well”.

Resources will be poured into illegal children instead of citizens.

Personally, having worked with these youngsters in the past, I have found many have never even attended school and many are handicapped.

“They may have only gone to 2nd or 3rd grade, have limited literacy in their first language. That does create a different kind of teaching impact on a school than our traditional immigrant families,” Anne Arundel County, Md., administrator Kelly Reider told Fox affiliate WBFF.

“I love the fact that Lynn is a diverse community,” Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy of Lynn, Massachusetts said. “By speaking out about this, I have been called a racist, I have been called a hater. That is not the case. I’m simply looking at this from the point of view of the economic impact it has had on my city.”

“In my state, the Obama administration sent over a thousand children without telling us, without telling social services, without telling the schools,” Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Newsday quoted educators as saying that many of the children will need intensive instruction before and after school.

Roberta Gerold, president of the Suffolk County Superintendents Association said, as an administrator, “you have to think how do you redistribute the resources in a time of a tax cap and a property-tax freeze.”

Cuomo would just say we’re rich and can afford it. Obama would not care.

After Texas, New York has received the highest number of illegal alien children. The numbers of alien adults is a complete secret.

Representatives Israel and King will seek Federal dollars to support the children.

The numbers of Hispanics being served by Long Island schools this past year was more than 90,000 out of 447,000 – 21 percent.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform stated last week that New York will need $147.7 million to educate the new students.  This is out of the $761.4 million nationally.

Newsday blames it all on the bipartisan anti-trafficking law which is being used illicitly in this case and which Obama will not change to meet the very different challenge these illegal alien children present. A challenge he in fact caused with his policies inviting them into our country. He also will never send them back, even if they are members of MS-13.

This can only be characterized as a massive redistribution of wealth and resources.


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