1. Thank you Rand Paul and those who are standing up as obstacles to this travesty. It’s often broad stroked when these things occur. I ask for a “fine stroke” so that the people can provide remedies such as letters and voting out those in the Congress & Senate who subscribe to these policies. Please provide listings of the people who vote and how they voted on all issues henceforth. Thank you.

    • Your congressmen are not telling the whole truth. The $150 billion went into the supplement security fund. This fund can also be given to illegal aliens under rules set up so they can qualify. Don’t let the congress people tell you the fund is going broke. Because it isn’t.

  2. I will not vote for any incumbent representative who voted for this measure and raided social security. Liars all. Telling public that social security will be bankrupted and now they steal 150 billion from it. Any dummy would know at this rate why wouldn’t and fund go broke. Our over paid reps are sticking us you know where again….

  3. What Rand Paul forgot to mention is that along with paying into SSI you also paid into Disability Insurance, but thanks to corruption on both side, they have bleeded that account almost dry trying to pay back SSI.

    When Reagan was in office he started a program that would give an extra $1.2 trillion to SSI, then turned around and gave it to the rich in tax breaks just like both Bush’s did, Clinton use it to pad the books so he ended in the black and Obama used it to start and run Obamacare. They steal from Peter to pay Paul and they steal from Paul to pay Peter but you didn’t hear Rand Paul talk about this, did ya? That because both side are corrupt and think it’s OK to steal from the disabled as long as we the people don’t find out.

    Funny how there is the thing called the internet and most Americans never use it cause their to busy playing games instead.

  4. Without an intelligent decisive knowledgeable man at the helm of the administration, this country is looking at so much mess, theres gonna be a wave of mess, just as it was in the days of Bush. With President Obama leaving I really don’t wish to be in America, because of his ability to face problems and put fears to rest. Not allowing the rich to take everything from regular people, his love for regular people like myself and millions of others, I fear the future of this country could be nosedived into the abyss of recession as it was at the end of the Bush administration….that’s why the Republicans stole the election, this isn’t a democracy!! Its a dictatorship run by a party of bandits dressed in sharp suits ready to steal with no remorse, they are not politicians but pirates and America is their booty..

    • The Republicans didn’t steal the election and won according to the Constitution.

      Give him a chance. He’s smart.

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