Look What Happens to a Marine Veteran Returning Home


Jacinto Bernardo

Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo breaks down.

h/t Gary Spina

Marine and Iraqi combat veteran, Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo, served his country honorably for 21 years. He was retiring and could finally afford a home. He bought one in Suisan City California, but it was in complete disrepair because that was all he could afford.

While still stationed in Japan, he asked his Marine buddy, Jeremy Epperson, to keep an eye on the house for him. He did better than that.

Epperson saw the condition of the house and said no Marine should have to come back to a house like this.

He collected money and put in $70,000 worth of repairs, a new kitchen, new flooring and a new landscape.

before and after
Some Before and After shots.

When his friend arrived home, he had a limo waiting for the Sergeant and his family. His newly-renovated home was decked out in U.S. flags.

Watch what happens next: