Look Who’s Protesting in Baltimore on Behalf of Freddie Gray


Freddie Gray died from a severe C-spine injury in Baltimore which he appeared to receive while in police custody. The six police involved have been suspended. The lieutenant in the case has been accused of domestic abuse in the past. Freddie Gray, for his part, has a lengthy police record, mostly drug dealing and one for second-degree assault. It’s unknown at this time if Freddie Gray was the victim of excessive force by the police officers. What is known is the case is being used for a leftist agenda.

This could be one more case for the commies to force centralization on the local police departments.

Mr. Gray is seen screaming aloud in the following video at one point as he is being dragged.

Some protesters tell a CNN reporter they want to “kill straight up” at the mostly, allegedly “peaceful” protest.

More protesting. Check out the signs.

Commie fist.

commie fist

More commie fists.

More commie fists

Commis fists still mean communism.

Demonstrators protest outside of the Baltimore Police Department's Western District police station during a rally for Freddie Gray, in Baltimore

And more fists along with revcom signs

more fists,more revcom

Start them young.

start them young

Occupy Wall Street commies have marshaled the troops. Notice the many signs produced by the Revolutionary Communist Party. The BlackLivesMatter and ICan’tBreathe groups are present also – they’re backed financially by Socialist George Soros. The mainstream media doesn’t bother to mention that.

Check out the sign with the red star and fist.

They don’t know that anyone murdered Freddie Gray but they say it anyway. If you’ll notice the bottom of the sign, it says rev com which stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Notice the fists.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is fully involved as usual and plans to speak from Baltimore today. Carl Dix, the loon in charge of the party said this:

“Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Black man, is dead after being taken into custody by Baltimore City cops. Freddie was chased and arrested on April 12. Why? We don’t know because police haven’t yet made public why they arrested him. All we know is that Freddie ran when the cops swaggered into the neighborhood like an occupying army…It will take revolution, nothing less, to end this, and all the other horrors this system forces humanity to endure.”

They’re printing up signs as I write this.

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