Lou Dobbs Says Owners Have a Chance to Get ‘Loser’ Goodell ‘the Hell’ Out


Could Roger Goodell be shown the door soon?

Thousands are starting to turn off to the NFL which might make Roger Goodell’s future look rather dim.

Radio talk show host Dom Giordano said Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that NFL owners are “doing various things behind the scenes to pull this in.”In response to Thursday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where no players took a knee, Giordani said Goodell may have gotten the message that the league should be a place that has “respect for traditional values.”

Host Lou Dobbs said Goodell doesn’t have a new contract yet and it’s an opportunity to get “this loser” the “hell out”.

“They have a chance to take this loser and get him the hell out of their business, because he damn near ruined their business, substantially, absolutely and completely over the past three weeks,” Dobbs said.Fox Business Network’s Deidre Bolton agreed that Goodell has “done some damage,” but pointed out that he “has survived numerous other scandals.”Giordano chimed in to say that Goodell is “unliked” and has “mishandled just about everything,” and stressed that the NFL is “not bullet proof on this stuff.”

Bolton added that the NFL doesn’t have strong worldwide appeal like the NBA.

Who would miss Goodell, the guy who gave Kaepernick the okay?


  1. NFL shoudn’t go weak-kneed now. if the players want to take a knee, then take a knee, don’t lose your nerve over money.
    Make your stand, let’s see how it plays out.

    • I favor more protests. Yes, break the explicit rules, alienate the fans, and ruin the business over an invalid leftist cause. The result will be a huge drop in viewers and revenue. We are enjoying this. But player greed may end the rule breaking.

  2. Leftist, social justice agent Goodell is making many millions while breaking rules and damaging the league. His continued presence there shows that the league does not respect fans. The union has stepped in and taken over the league due to the leadership vacuum.

    Similarly, Paul Ryan’s continued presence as Speaker shows that the party does not respect the voters.

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