Lt. Col. Peters: “If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, Obama would not shed a tear,”


Ralph Peters

In an appearance on The Hannity Show Tuesday evening, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters weighed in on Netanyahu’s speech and Obama’s reaction.

Lt. Col. Peters was asked why Barack Obama trusts Iran to which Peters responded, “Obama is incapable of learning. Five years into his term, he still thinks you can make friends with Iran. It’s stunning.”

“The most important point Bibi Netanyahu made today is the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. Obama just can’t figure that out.”

Kerry and Obama have figured out that Iran will get the bomb, they just don’t want it on Obama’s watch. “They want a decent interval of denial,” he said.

He called Obama’s rebuttal pathetic, spiteful, petty. “Obama is a spiteful failure as president.”

Netanyahu, unlike Obama, means what he says. Netanyahu is setting up the possibility of a desperate strike against Iran if necessary. Meanwhile, Obama is so desperate for this deal for his “legacy” that “he is willing to give Israel up.”

“Let’s face it. If Israel disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow, Obama would not shed a tear,” Peters said.

A potential modern day Holocaust cannot be averted under Barack Obama, he said.

“But President Obama refuses to learn anything, he vilifies Israel, he’s got that whole left-wing Chicago, Saul Alinsky, Columbia, view of Israel as an imperial aggressor, the United States as inherently guilty, he idealizes foreign actors.”

Wouldn’t it be great to see his petty, spiteful, flaring anger against Netanyahu aimed at Vladimir Putin or ISIS.

Netanyahu’s speech made it almost impossible for Senate Democrats to vote for a bad deal and we are about to get a very very bad deal, he concluded.