Lt. Col. Peters: Obama Is the Intellectually Immature Student in the ‘Che Guevara T-Shirt’


Lt. Col. Peters with his usual plainspokenness commented on Fox News this morning about Barack Obama’s obvious absence from the march in France Sunday.

In way of explaining who Obama is, he said “we have a president who is more comfortable bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia than he is to saluting a U.S. Marine”.

What we’re seeing is “presidential cowardice” because the French press would have asked him questions about radical Islam he doesn’t want to answer.

He said Obama is “cowering in the bunker.”

He thought the march was a start but the problem lies in the lawlessness rampant throughout the world and not understood by the Socialists.

“Respect for the rule of law” is “a treasure of Western civilization on which our triumphant system is built”. It has given us wealth and liberty and “when we do not insist on the rule of law for all, we begin to disintegrate as a nation,”  Peters said.

No-go zones cannot be tolerated, Peters added.

However, the Europeans will never get rid of the no-go zones. We all know that. We have them in the United States and we won’t get rid of them here either. They are proliferating.

Peters was asked about Obama’s legacy. Peters said he “comprehensively, disastrously failed…this president has been…the cardinal one is the rise of, the proliferation, the metastization of violent Islamic extremism.” When Obama took office, “al Qaeda was on the ropes, Jabhat al Nusra didn’t exist, Islamic State didn’t exist, Boko Haram were a gang of thugs off in the Savannah” and with “his unwillingness to confront this fundamental existential threat, we have seen this proliferation of radical islam which now reaches across the globe, into the Americas” because he’s “romanticized Islam, despised Imperialism”.

“This is a president”, Peters said, “who has intellectually never matured beyond the radicalism of the undergraduate, the people who wear Ché Guevara T-shirts.”