Susan Rice Rails “America First” Agenda Makes America Less Safe


Susan Rice wants the readers of the New York Times to believe the President’s ‘America First’ agenda is making Americans less safe. In a New York Times op-ed titled ‘When America No Longer Is a Global Force for Good’, she writes that his national security strategy presents a “dark, almost dystopian portrait of an ‘extraordinarily dangerous’ world characterized by hostile states and lurking threats.”

Uh…it is a dark, dangerous world, but maybe not to a socialist like her – those are her people!

She also wrote: “There is scant mention of America’s unrivaled political, military, technological and economic strength, or the opportunities to expand prosperity, freedom and security through principled leadership — the foundation of American foreign policy since World War II.”

It is Trump who defeated ISIS, not Obama. It was Obama who allowed ISIS to form and grow.

Rice lying about Benghazi made us less safe. Lying about Bowe Bergdahl undermined the entire military because she knew Bergdahl was a deserter. Everyone knew but she still said he “served with honor and distinction”.

She wrote: “we live in a world where America wins only at others’ expense. There is no common good, no international community, no universal values, only American values”.

That’s a provable lie. He has made it very clear that he respects other nations and expects them to put their nation’s first.

Then she blabbered about Russia.

Stephen Hayes had a perfect response. Obama’s handling of Iran made us – and the world – much less safe.


  1. There are too many like her in politics. At some time in their character development, they lost their way regarding what the truth is and are comfortable with their lies. I fear some don’t even know they are doing it, but I know there are many who have learned to manipulate people like her or worse they just imitate and repeat the lies.

    It is the Syren’s song.

  2. If you would just arrest her, drag her out of her house and put her in jail with no bail and then prosecute her lying corrupt ass. Get them all out of bed at 4:00 A,M, Give them the Mueller treatment, bust into their homes with warrants and tear their homes apart looking for “Evidence”. This lying POS has committed so many crimes that we have lost count.

  3. Susan Rice is an icon for NOT CREDIBLE! She has been proven to be a liar on many significant subjects concerning the safety and security of the people of this nation. Why should I or any other sane person believe anything she claims to represent the truth?

    The entire Obama administration was heavily seasoned with incompetent, dishonest, unethical, deceptive enemies of the US Constitution and its inherent protection of the individual rights of American citizens. It was replete with said enemies of the people and many of these slimy Socialists have not yet been removed from their positions in our government. Draining the swamp will be a long and arduous undertaking.

  4. Hey, Susan! I’ve got news for you! The thing that makes America less safe is for corrupt administrations like Obama/Holder/Rice/Lynch/Clinton to be in power. You liberal crooks and liars damn near ruined this country.

    I hope all of you burn in hell for your treasonous performance.

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