Macy’s Protecting Men In Women’s Dressing Rooms



Merry Christmas Macy’s! A Macy’s saleswoman, Natalie Johnson, was fired from the Rivercenter, San Antonio, Macy’s when she refused to allow a man to change in the woman’s fitting room.

He claimed he was a woman, but he was a man dressed as a woman. Her boss, according to Ms. Johnson, said that Macy’s allows transgender people to change in any dressing room they want.

Ms. Johnson said, “Any man can just go in and put on women’s clothing, just to get a peep at women or could be a rapist or if you allow men to go into the woman’s fitting room, what rights do the women have?”

Fortunately, Ms. Johnson has some recourse and has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She is claiming religious discrimination.

I have my doubts that the EEOC will care about a religious argument against a transgender argument, but we’ll see.

Macy’s has not issued a statement and I can find no such policy, but if there is one, it’s dangerous and I would warn women to not use the Macy’s fitting rooms. Fox