Macy’s Will No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood


Whether you agree with Planned Parenthood or not, here is some news the media won’t share.

In a Wednesday press release, corporate watchdog 2ndVote revealed that Macy’s no longer gives or matches donations to Planned Parenthood.

This decision was the result of an MRC Culture report in October on 2ndVote’s updated list of 37 companies that fund Planned Parenthood. Macy’s was on the list and just got themselves removed.

You won’t hear this from the media.

Planned Parenthood can exist very nicely without taxpayer funds because of the money they make from abortions. It’s a private organization and the Sentinel believes we shouldn’t fund private organizations that serve as money launderers for the Democrat Party.

CNS news reported that 55.4% of aborted babies are black or Hispanic. Taxpayers should not have to pay for that.

The Macy’s statement said in part:

“In the spirit of thankfulness and celebration that comes this time of year, we have a special update that our research team recently made,” the 2ndVote release began. “Macy’s confirmed with 2ndVote last week that the company no longer gives and no longer matches donations to Planned Parenthood.”

The release attributed Macy’s decision to pro-life consumers who complained.

“We wanted to share this great news with you because the credit is due to our 2ndVote members who have engaged these companies for their position on the Life issue,” it continued, “It’s because of your decisions and conversations with these companies that the funnels of corporate dollars to liberal organizations are starting to close.”

Macy’s listens to its consumers – SHOP MACY’S.

Planned Parenthood was recently referred by Congress members for criminal prosecution.

Planned Parenthood, Affiliates Referred for Possible Criminal Prosecution


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