Mad Sheik Wants Jerusalem Liberated and Jews “Slaughtered Without Mercy”


Sheik Omar Abu Sara gave this impromptu speech in the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He said Jews are “the most evil of Allah’s creations”. It was Jews “whom Allah turned into apes and pigs,” he screamed, reading from a crib sheet. “We shall slaughter you without mercy,” he threatened. He blames Jews for trying to kill Mohammad and for killing 10,000 prophets.

He ranted about IS coming to “liberate this land from your filth.” He said there will not be a grain of mercy.

The man is mad as are many in that part of the world and someone needs to put these types in their place. Meanwhile, Obama is worried about Jews putting up apartment buildings on their own land because he wants to give their land to the very people this madman represents.