Major Breaking Development…Weiner Turned Over His Laptop Voluntarily


There is an update to this story.



Did Jim Comey decide to do the right thing and put the American people first? Perhaps. He could be a hero. We’ll see.

Loretta Lynch tried to squash the letter to Congress and continue the email cover up, but Comey went ahead with his promise to keep Congress informed.

Loretta Lynch also did not give the FBI a warrant for the laptop containing the Huma Abedin emails. It is possible the FBI had not read the emails.

In a major jolt of news, Fox News’s Bret Baier reported Sunday that Weiner voluntarily handed over the laptop and the FBI likely does not need a warrant.

The laptop that Weiner may have used for communicating with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl is also said to have emails of Abedin’s that are relevant to the Clinton email investigation.

There are reportedly 10,000 650,000 emails on the laptop.

Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook claims the Clinton campaign knows nothing about what’s going on or what’s on Huma’s laptop. He said Mrs. Clinton didn’t even ask Huma what was on them.

That’s incredibly strange.

Loretta Lynch has let it leak that the DoJ is not behind Jim Comey’s move to reopen the case and indicated that he is acting on his own. She has made it clear she won’t allow information to be released to the public.

Remarkably, Huma has told people she doesn’t know how the emails got on the laptop. Security certainly isn’t an issue for this crew nor is truthfulness.

If you are starting to feel hopeful, that might be a mistake.

Joe Biden, who also has no clue about the Constitution, said the FBI works for the administration. Shouldn’t they be working for the people and for justice?

“Look, you know that the FBI works for the administration,” Uncle Joe said. “I’m not allowed to comment at all. I know nothing about it. I just found out today. I know that Hillary — I was told Hillary just had a press conference saying release the e-mails. I think the quicker they release the e-mails for the public to see them the better off, and I have confidence in Hillary.”


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