Making Birth Records Worthless for People Who Simply Feel They Are a Different Gender


Is This Normal?

Corporal Klinger would have been able to join the WACS without sex reassignment surgery.


States are in charge of birth, marriage and death certificates. These documents are important legal and historical documents but they will soon be very unreliable.

People who see themselves as a different gender at any given time but don’t want to have sex reassignment surgery are asking that their birth records be changed to reflect their new self-designated gender despite the fact that they have not had sex reassignment surgery.

This kind of change will one day make public records of their birth, marriage, death meaningless. If we can simply alter records based on how people feel, what good are they?

We might also see a Supreme Court case at sometime in the future mandating record alteration and the adding of imaginary genders besides male and female. The Supreme Court is butting their nose into social issues more and more.

Name changes and the awarding of benefits have been granted as the result of court cases. All U.S. states allow the changing of gender on driver’s licenses. Passports can be altered if the transgender has completed the full transition. However, birth certificates in all states could not be changed without sex reassignment surgery. That is changing.

The leftists are now hoping to pass laws that change records based on how a person feels about their gender.

Most states will allow a gender change on birth certificates if the person has completed the transition. Alabama also makes a notation that the gender has been changed.

As of July 2014 New York State passed legislation easing changing recorded gender and as of December 2014 New York City followed, completely eliminating the need for gender reassignment surgery) when filing for birth gender change in New York.

Colorado has a bill in the Senate legislature which will allow people pretending to be a different gender to amend their certificates. They won’t have to go through any type of medical procedure.

It’s fraud as one Colorado Republican put it but a transgender woman present during the open hearings and who did not go through the surgery said she’s not a fraud and that was it – it passed their assembly. Transgenders and the LGBT lobby say it is discrimination to not go along with the fraud. The bill might not pass because the Senate is controlled by the GOP.

Altering biological and historical fact is A-OK with the left. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Transgenders represent only 0.3% of the population but the majority has to accommodate any changes to history and biology they feel like making, even if it’s only based on feelings and even if some are flat-out mentally ill.

New Jersey has been trying to get the same bill passed but Gov. Christie vetoed it last year though the left is trying again. They just keep trying until they win.

Illinois wants the same bill. Mississippi allows a gender change based on the honor system, Washington State requires “appropriate clinical treatment”.

This is taking us to some pretty dark places. Facebook has 56 gender choices and Planned Parenthood is teaching 13 year olds to pick their gender. The DSM psychiatric manual has replaced Gender Identity Disorder with Gender Dysphoria – soon there will be no term for it and we all will get to pretend that people pretending to be of a different gender are a different gender.

Without a notation that the gender has been changed, the certificates of record are useless but the left likes to rewrite history. Everything is relative to them.

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  1. Maybe it’s time for me to let the world know that I am really a German shepherd. I can’t keep living a lie with my neighbor’s collie.

  2. There is ample precedent for this. Millions of Mexican nationals are allowed to self-identify as US citizens. Politicians and media pundits are allowed to self-identify as climatologists. President Obama and Attorneys General Holder and Lynch want to allow criminals to self-identify as victims and, along with Secretary Duncan, want to allow miscreants of a certain race in the nation’s public schools to self-identify as unpunishable by their mentors and administrators.
    People with no proof of identity are encouraged to self-identify as citizens and registered voters when thy show up at the polls.
    Little children are encouraged to self-identify as the instructors of their parents on matters relating to protecting “the environment”.
    And of course executives, legislators and judges are goaded,prodded, bullied, cajoled and flattered into self-identifying as the movers and shakers, dictators and arbiters of societal norms in every imaginable jurisdiction, as long as those norms are….politically correct.

    How could Barack Obama have been so cocksure that he was “five days away from the Fundamental Transformation of America in November of 2008? because his handlers had prepped him to self-identify as “The One They Had Been Waiting For” And he has done everything they asked of him, in every policy arena you would care to name.

    It’s now time for Traditional Americans to self-identify as the patriot saviors of this country and call all this BS what it is.

    • People I know are still oblivious and want to remain that way. They get angry if I try to tell them what is going on. Mustn’t interfere with their cloistered lives.

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