Making Easy Money Off of the Unloved and Forgotten.


by Gary Spina


I don’t know why no one’s thought of it sooner. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV asking for donations — showing the heart-wrenching photos of abused and neglected animals. Americans have always been suckers for stuff like that. Even as we speak, people are giving millions of dollars to rescue those beaten and starving animals.


Now imagine the millions of dollars someone like me could make showing – not the sad-eyed faces of dogs and cats and horses – but the faces of the victims of human trafficking — those girls and boys, those young women and young men – those forgotten ones bound in endless brutal years of slavery and torment. You talk about pathetic faces! This is a no-brainer! You ever see pictures of those people? They’re willowy creatures reduced to blank stares, frighten and confused – and dark depths of hollow eyes that have long given up pleading for mercy that never comes – the broken bodies and wordless spirits, the total, fathomless abyss of human suffering, despair, humiliation, and degradation

human trafficking

Those faces will make great TV ads, a perfect way to separate bleeding-heart do-gooders from their money. Show them the damned wretched slaves among us! Show them the soulless eyes of people who are worked mercilessly to exhustion, exploited so as to squeeze the last possible nickel of profit out of raw flesh and broken bones – repeatedly, routinely beaten and raped and made to work all day and into the night without food if the floor isn’t scrubbed clean enough for the angry lady of the house. And worse stuff, of course, from the master. Use your imagination.

Call it my inner genius coming to the surface – and imagine the slick TV ads showing those sad, dirty faces — and a weepy voiceover asking for a donation of just $19.00 a month – only 62 cents a day – to ease their suffering and utter hopelessness. Easy-Peasy!

Hey! Back off — I thought of it first! Besides, they’re nobody, anyway – just the nameless victims of human trafficking.

But here’s the best part. We’ve begun an election season, and that opens a backdoor to a huge haul in one fell swoop. Call it another one of my grand ideas to help the needy. That would be me. I’m going to sell the idea — sell the urgent need to save these people to one of our candidates running for president in 2016. Think about it – we have thousands of domestic household slaves and sex slaves right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

How much is that worth to “The Donald,” for instance? He could pay me one lump sum, run with my idea, tie it into his “illegal-alien/ control-our-borders” magniloquence. Trump’s the best at shaking up those good-for-nothing, sorry-ass bastards in Washington! Besides building a wall at our borders, he could argue about controlling, regulating, and documenting everyone who comes into America, demand work visas and humane working conditions for them, oversight and follow-up inspections, minimum wage even – the whole nine yards!

Then Trump could take it to the United Nations, promising to kick the UN off our shores if they don’t enforce their own human rights laws. He could cite those nations where a rape victim is thrown into prison and punished along with her rapist – those nations where people who cannot pay their taxes are sentenced into years of slavery. Donald Trump knows how to make the mighty fall – knows how to make kings and parliaments, nations and tribes end their unspeakable evil, just as sure as he will make Mexico pay to build a wall along our border.


Then we can sit back and see if any politician or judge, any group of lawyers or any immigration lobby has the nerve to oppose Donald Trump on illegal immigration.

Remember, this is my idea. But you can help. Anyone know of any particularly abused domestic slave hidden from the world in someone’s basement or harem?

Come on, dear reader, they are all around us every day – where we live, where we work, where we play, and those wonderful places where we vacation. Pay attention, look around you, be aware of the unseen places, in the shadows and behind the walls.

All you have to do is take a small step into a world of utter defeat, utter hopelessness, and confusion – a world of silence and dark tangled thickets where nothing is seen and nothing is heard, where all sobs, all tears, all moans, all weeping have been beaten out of invisible creatures who are alone and voiceless, left at the end of the day to stare silently into a vast meaningless void – where perhaps they find just a tinge of elusive solace in the dark unthinking depths of deep and ever deeper forever lonely godless nothingness. A world without end, amen.



  1. Splendid subject matter, great Framing, wonderful Lighting, reminds me of when I was a professional photographer.

    Gary, you really outdid yourself with this story, Why are you quitting?

  2. Unfortunately, you would have better luck raising money for the sad little puppy. In a society where people tolerate babies being born alive and then murdered for lucrative body parts, you haven’t much chance stopping human trafficking. Apparently, no lives matter anymore.

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