Man Stops Violent Fight with an AR-15


A man with an AR-15 was able to stop a violent altercation involving neighbors. He credits the appearance of the gun with stopping what was then a fight among four men. There was blood everywhere, he said, as men tussled with a knife.


  1. Isn’t this fascinating. Do a google shopping search with any reference to guns, including guns and roses, and look at the results.

  2. Another one I use is Glad to see our C.F. is still here.

    We can say it is an axiom that people, especially children, have ideas that are dependent upon their environment. With that being said, those students are adamant about not “allowing” teachers to have their own weapons. Well, what does it say about Those teachers in that community whereby students don’t trust Their Own teachers. It says MORE about the liberal community they are Part of. It must be that they see NO responsible adults in their environment. With the VAST amount of stories of idiocy in classrooms around the country this Broward country may just be a microcosm, and deep down the students are “aware”.

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