Marco Rubio Appeals to Conservatives with More Misstatements


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Marco Rubio issued a press release Wednesday on immigration reform which was directed at Conservatives. In it he  stated his reasons for being involved in immigration reform: “to fix things,” “to fight to protect what is good for America”, and to not leave it to the “Democrats alone to figure out how to fix it.” He iterated many of the misstatements in his TV ads, misstatements which more and more people are catching on to as they read the bill.

Rubio once again redefined the word amnesty for us. The immigration bill is not amnesty, he claims, because anyone attempting to get a visa would face a long list of qualifications, which includes paying taxes, a fine and an application fee as well as having a job and waiting for at least 10 years.

Even if one believes that the people here illegally will pay the taxes, the fines, and the fees, and work for ten years, it doesn’t change the fact that they will be legalized first. It’s amnesty.

The reason Republicans are intent on legalizing millions of people and their families before securing the border is that Democrats won’t vote for it otherwise.

Rubio wrote, “And the proposal deals with those who are illegally here now in a reasonable but responsible way. Right now, those here illegally are living in de facto amnesty. They are unregistered, many pay no taxes, and few will ever pay any price for having violated our laws. Under this bill they will have to come forward, pass background checks, pay a fine, start paying taxes, and be ineligible for welfare, food stamps or ObamaCare.”

Rubio is going from de facto amnesty to amnesty and we are supposed to believe that is an improvement. Why does Rubio think the people here illegally will all come forward anyway and what is Rubio going to do when they don’t come forward?

In any case, it is only de facto amnesty because we don’t enforce our laws.

I’d like to know what research Rubio has completed on the tax issue because many people here illegally do pay taxes only to get earned income tax credits [welfare for people who earn below a certain income].

People here illegally also collect billions each year in child tax credits for children not even living in the United States.

These fraudulent tax refunds were exposed by the Washington Times in April 2013 and are verified by the Treasury’s Inspector General in a report entitled, “Individuals Who Are Not Authorized to Work in the United States Were Paid $4.2 Billion in Refundable Credits.”

This problem was noted in 2010, 2011, and 2012 and it has not been fixed.

Rubio applauds the fact that there will be 20,000 border agents added to the border in his statement but he neglects to tell you that the government has until 2021 to do it. [pp. 64-65]

The bill allows criminals with endless arrests and up to three misdemeanors.

Chris Crane, president of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, and Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Council, are opposed to the bill.

“The 1,200 page substitute bill before the Senate will provide instant legalization and a path to citizenship to gang members and other dangerous criminal aliens, and handcuff ICE officers from enforcing immigration laws in the future,” Crane said. ”It provides no means of effectively enforcing visa overstays which account for almost half of the nation’s illegal immigration crisis.”

Crane said Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) “directly misled law enforcement officers” by refusing to amend “provisions that he himself admitted to us in private were detrimental, flawed and must be changed.” Information at the National Review online

Rubio said the bill changes our legal immigration system from a predominantly family-based system of chain migration to a more merit-based system focused on job skills.

Sure, it changes for the first person here but then their relatives are legalized and it’s back to chain migration. The bill allows parents and unmarried children of people here illegally to apply for legalization. It is unlikely that they will all have jobs as Rubio promised.

Rubio said in his press release that Conservatives are unhappy with the bill because “they have heard that “the Secretary of Homeland Security can just ignore the border requirement.” But this is not true. The department does have discretion on where to build the fence, but not on the amount of fencing it must build. At the end of the day, 700 miles of pedestrian fencing must be built.”

However, as the Washington Times reported, there is a section in that bill that states:

“…nothing in this subsection shall require the secretary to install fencing, or infrastructure that directly results from the installation of such fencing, in a particular location along the southern border, if the secretary determines that the use of placement of such resources is not the most appropriate means to achieve and maintain effective control over the southern border at such location.” [p.36]

“Some oppose it because they have heard that “a future Congress can just defund all the security measures.” But that is not true,” Rubio said. “The money is built into the bill. Unlike previous border security laws, it doesn’t leave it dependent on future funding.”

The bill is an economic disaster since Obama’s own Congressional Budget Office said that the bill will lower wages and raise unemployment over the next dozen years:

‘Taking into account all of [the] flows of new immigrants, CBO and JCT expect that a greater number of immigrants with lower skills than with higher skills would be added to the workforce, slightly pushing down the average wage for the labor force as a whole… However, CBO and JCT expect that currently unauthorized workers who would obtain legal status under S. 744 would see an increase in their average wages… [An] increase in the average wage would not occur for a dozen years.”

The bill doubles the number of guest workers and triples the number of immigrants granted lawful permanent residency. That is not good for jobs for citizens, especially given the fact that employers are incentivized to hire people here illegally. Read about it at human events

Ted Cruz spoke before the senate about the ID system: “this amendment does not require a biometric entry-exit system. It weakens current law. Current law requires it. This amendment takes that out. Instead, it requires essentially a photo ID. I would suggest, madam president, for anyone who perhaps has known a teenager, you would know that the difficult of securing a fake ID with a picture on it is not very high. Any flea market in the land will allow it.”

The only leverage we have to secure our borders is to hold back on any legalization until the borders are more secure. The immigration bill breaks down the rule of law.

There is no reason why the government couldn’t implement many of the border security measures without this problematic bill but they won’t. That should tell us something about how serious they are when it comes to securing the border.

Rep. Paul Ryan was on the Sean Hannity Show Wednesday evening and said he will not look to securing the border first. He believes that we will be able to find terrorists and drug dealers if the people who come here to work are out of the shadows. It is unclear as to why he believes that.