Marco Rubio Discusses Immigration on Fox News Sunday – Video



Marco Rubio said on Fox News Sunday that the gang of eight’s immigration bill does not give amnesty. Amnesty is defined as a pardon. Senator Rubio says it is not amnesty because if you do it illegally, it will be cheaper and easier. Senator Rubio said the law is tougher than current law. He is essentially saying it’s not a pardon if the bill makes it difficult to become a citizen.

The bill will allow the illegal persons to remain but not collect welfare, Obamacare, food stamps, or any entitlements.

I personally don’t see that happening. Are we really going to deny them Obamacare? One of the reasons given for Obamacare was to end the use of health services by illegals at no cost. If we don’t give them Obamacare, does that mean we will turn them away at hospitals and clinics? Many receive entitlements now. Are we going to remove those benefits?

The bill could be changed with another administration, before the border is secured. Fatal flaw?

He said this bill ensures that mass illegal immigration will never happen again.

He also believes the bill will make illegal persons into taxpayers. Personally, the illegal persons I know pay taxes and they get the money back at the end of the year because they work off the books or make very little. They told me they pay taxes so they don’t get caught. They all have fraudulent ID’s.

Senator Rubio said e-verify is part of this bill along with stringent border enforcement including a fence.

This bill gives immediate legal status to all illegals six months after the bill takes effect. Illegals will be no more because they will have legal status. The AP will no longer have to worry about banning the word.

At the end of the tape, Senator Rubio talks about gun control and the budget.

One noteworthy point is that Senator Rubio has the courage to do something about a problem that needs fixing.