Marco Rubio: No Bailouts for Insurance Companies



Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Marco Rubio is making a proposal to House Republicans today that could finally derail ObamaCare.

Two months ago, Marco Rubio introduced a bill in the Senate to stop the bailout of the insurance companies, a bailout which is meant to keep ObamaCare afloat and he would like to get the House Republicans aboard.

The bailout is estimated to cost taxpayers a trillion dollars over the next decade. It is slated to last three years, but it could be endless because it represents an open-ended commitment by the American people to shore up insurance companies.

Insurance companies have been made into an arm of the government.

Marco Rubio has set forth a plan to make an increase in the debt ceiling contingent upon passing the bill that would stop the insurance company bailout. Boehner is open to the idea if the Republicans unite behind it.

Rubio is making the case to House Republicans today that they can use the looming borrowing breach as leverage to start to unwind ObamaCare.

Fifty-one percent of the American people are opposed to ObamaCare according to the latest Gallup survey and only 24% think it will personally benefit them.

Marco Rubio on the issue recently:

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