Margaret Sanger’s Genocidal Utopia



photo of Kermit Gosnell

“Looks like we made it”…Please hum along with me to that 1976 musical hit by Barry Manilow.

The brutal slaying of the innocent have reached new levels of likeability. The left media is silent. Many Americans are not listening and the almighty Oz, Obama, is chillingly ignoring the facts. Oh no, wait, he spent taxpayer dollars to address a Planned Parenthood meeting this past Friday. As he champions Planned Parenthood, advocating for more money for them, abortion clinics are eliminating more innocent lives. After all, there are many more lives that need to be taken.

Where in God’s name is Congress? Every single day, more and more videos are exposing the horrendous acts of violence against the innocent. It is hard to imagine how those pushing these atrocities can say it with a smile on their face. What are they thinking? Why are we still funding all these inconceivable acts?

Dr. Gosnell has practiced for 30+ years brutally murdering babies, most of them black. One could only assume that Margaret Zanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood is smiling upon them from her place in Hell. She has accomplished her dream…a genocide of the black community. What is the difference between an extermination camp or a so called doctor’s office? The end results are the same…are the systematic destruction of a race.

The title of an organization has meaning. One may say, Planned Parenthood, okay sounds great; but a simple tone inflection using the same words change the meaning. “PLANNED” Parenthood. Wow, a whole new meaning. We are there. Dr. Gosnell is certainly their poster child.

Obama’s silence regarding these horrors placed on his own people cements the fact that he supports and is an advocate for the elimination of the black race. Does he harbor secret hatred? How could we have missed that personality trait? What other explanation is there? Where is his shame or outrage?

One can only wonder what his reaction would have been were all these babies Muslim? The Obama Justice Department under Eric Holder would probably have read the babies their rights before the monsters jammed the scissors in the back of their skulls severing their spinal cords to end their precious lives.

God help us!

[Editor’s note: ABC is celebrating gay football player Jason Collins announcing that he is gay, but they have not mentioned the Gosnell trial since 2011. Other than NBC Philadelphia, NBC is more concerned about the George Zimmerman trial. CBS is mimicking NBC. They are both going with the faux excuse that it is a local story, as they cover the Arias trial, a local story, ad nauseum. They had no problem covering the Dr. Tiller murder. Dr. Tiller was a late-term abortion doctor. The media has decided to be willing accomplices to the murder  of babies.]