Marijuana Is Psychosis-Causing and Addiction-Causing


Having worked with troubled youth for three decades myself, I can say I never met a young addict who didn’t start with pot. The argument that marijuana is safe is a specious one. It is an argument furthered by President Obama in opposition to the information on his own ATF website.


President Obama thinks it’s no worse than alcohol and, just his saying that, has the effect of encouraging our children to smoke pot. He is not doing a service to our young people with statements like that.

Marijuana now contains 25% – 30% THC instead of the 2% of thirty years ago. That is at a level that can cause psychosis and addiction.

Pot causes Amotivational Syndrome, and years of chronic pot-use lowers peoples’ IQ. Pregnant women who smoke marijuana will damage their fetus, not can, will!

Ron Brooks, President Emeritus, NNOAC (National Narcotic Officers’ Association Coalition) says Marijuana is now addiction-causing, psychosis-causing:

Dr. Don Colbert, a physician and mental health expert says it has created a new syndrome:

There is evidence that people lose IQ points:

When compared with alcohol, how does Marijuana fare?