Marius the Giraffe, Slaughtered by Danish Zoo in Front of Children



18-month old Marius, murdered in Denmark by Viking-like Danish zoo keepers, Photograph: Keld Navntoft/AFP/Getty Images

A Danish zoo slaughtered a perfectly healthy giraffe because they had other giraffes with the same genes. They then fed his carcass to the lions. Children and their parents “enthusiastically” watched.

Bengt Holst of the Copenhagen Zoo defended his killing of Marius, an 18 month old giraffe, by saying Marius’ genes were already well-represented in the zoo. They didn’t want inbreeding. Apparently, they never heard of neutering.

They took their advice from the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, those allegedly “Mother Earth” types.

There was an online petition to stop the killing of the giraffe and other zoos offered to take the giraffe. One individual offered to purchase the giraffe for half a million euros. The Danes preferred to kill it instead and feed its carcass to the lions and other wild animals, which they did.

They gave the giraffe some rye bread, a favorite of Marius’, and when he bent down innocently to eat it, a man shot him through the brain. This was all done in front of parents and children who were there knowingly of their own volition.

“The purpose of the breeding program is to have as healthy a population as possible, not only now, but in the future,” said the zoo’s scientific director and animal Mengele, Bengt Holst, in an interview with TIME. “As this giraffe’s genes are overrepresented in the breeding program, the European Breeding Programme for Giraffes has agreed that Copenhagen Zoo euthanize him.”

The young children didn’t cry according to CNN and were described as enthusiastic, according to Holst, though some photos I saw said otherwise. They performed the autopsy outside in public. People came in to watch, including children.

Holst couldn’t understand the outrage. They cull animals all the time, Holst said.

It was for educational purposes.

Do you believe this garbage? They killed a perfectly healthy giraffe and did it in front of children when there were people who would have saved it. These are the love the world hippies who want to save the earth. What hypocrites.

There is an international zoo association and this zoo needs to be drummed out along with their EU friends. This isn’t the wild. These animals should be kept safe. It’s bad enough they are locked up to begin with.

Listen to this loon on CNN video:

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These children don’t look that enthusiastic to me: