Mark Faber Would Vote for Donald Trump And This Is the Reason Why


Famed Swiss investor Mark Faber who predicted the 1987 market crash and who edits the Gloom Boom & Doom Report newsletter said he would vote for Donald Trump because Trump might only ruin the US economy but Hillary will ruin the whole world. Her nation building in the Middle East has been so successful! [sarcasm]

There’s an endorsement for you! He does have a point.

Hillary has made it quite clear she agrees with all of Barack Obama’s policies and she was his State Department overseer. Before we even consider her subversion of national security, Hillary is dangerous on foreign policy issues.

She was the architect of the disastrous policies that destroyed Libya and allowed terrorists to take over Gaddafi’s country and his arsenal of weapons.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that Obama’s entire national security team advised against overthrowing Mubarek. Obama and Hillary proudly did even though Mubarek was a supporter of ours and Israel’s. They helped launch dictator Morsi.