Mark Levin: America Is to the Left of France – “This Is Absolutely Frightening”


American lawyer, author, and the host of American syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show, Mark Levin, stated “America is the new France under this president” on his show on Friday.

“I think our foreign policy now is really France’s foreign policy, I think America is the new France under this president” Levin declared.

Levin pointed to an article in the Wall Street Journal that says “France is again adopting the toughest line against Iran in negotiations aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear program, potentially placing Paris at odds with the Obama administration as a diplomatic deadline to forge an agreement approaches at month-end.”

Levin concluded “This is absolutely frightening…Netanyahu’s instincts are correct, the Israeli people’s instincts are correct, the American people’s instincts are correct, Congress’ instincts are correct, the Egyptian, Jordanian, Bahranian, Saudi, all the rest of them, they’re instincts are correct too.”


Barack Obama is an anti-Semite, Levin declared on The Sean Hannity Show last week.

Mark Levin

He said, “He [Barack Obama] doesn’t like democracy, he doesn’t like Congress, he’s got a pen and a phone, and when Congress doesn’t do what he says, he’s off doing his best Benito Mussolini.”

The American people rose up in December and told Obama they were disgusted with his policies and they did the same in 2010, Levin said, “Obama has more ability to work with dictators and genocidal types than he does with people elected democratically.”

“This White House reaching out to Sharpton, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, all these radical nut jobs and groups…this president’s former relationships with Khalidi, Rev. Wright, this president has a lot to answer for.”


On Sean Hannity’s radio show last week, he again brought up Obama’s treatment of Israel, anti-Semitism, and the media’s service as the praetorian guard:

“I think it’s time for a national discussion about Barack Obama and his administration and the stench of anti-Semitism that’s in this White House,” Levin said in an appearance on The Sean Hannity Show last week.

“There’s been a relentless attack on Benjamin Netanyahu hatched from the Oval Office.”

“We don’t have a media in this country, we have propagandists. There’s a few journalists who stand out but that’s not ‘the media’ that’s a few journalists. And that’s what we have and they repeat what Obama tells them to repeat….that’s why I call them the praetorian guard media.”

“Obama has a hate on for Netanyahu, he has a hate on for Israel. And I firmly believe he’s anti-Semitic. What other person would hang around with a Jeremiah Wright, a Rashid Khalidi… an Al Sharpton?”

“Would reach out to the Muslim Brotherhood and bring them into the Oval Office, reach out to this group CAIR and bring them into the administration in various capacities? What kind of president would treat the Islamo-Nazi regimes with kid gloves, as a matter of fact in the case of Iran negotiate with them, beg them, bend over backwards for a deal. Israel sees Obama’s handiwork in the Middle East.”

He talked about the racism of the American left:

“We’re on to the left, ladies and gentlemen…(this is) the party of slavery, the party of segregation, the party of poll taxes and literacy tests…. the race-baiting is endless because the Democrat party cannot survive without it…..The history of civil rights and human rights when it comes to blacks in particular in this country is a history of fighting the Democrat Party. ….”

“The Democrat Party hasn’t changed (it’s racism) fundamentally…it’s changed it’s tactics…. It’s always the first line of propaganda with the left and it’s international now….It’s the left that’s full of the racists and the race baiters…this is the Obama way, the Alinsky way, the Marxist way, the Democrat Party way…”

The corrupt media has jumped right in:

“Today again we have the media going on and on…trying to portray him (Netanyahu and his address to Congress) as divisive in the United States…now as racist…how outrageous is this?…

“So the people who are the true race-baiters, the people who are trying to get out the (Israeli) vote based on ethnicity, based on skin color, based on religion” are accusing Netanyahu of racism because he points out what’s being done. Noting that “if there’s anything racist” it’s the American Left and the Obama administration because it’s “all they know” whether the issue is Netanyahu’s re-election in Israel, Ferguson, the NYPD, or the GOP dealing with the Loretta Lynch nomination, racism is the be-all and end all. They need it for political victories – and they always have. And I would add: is it any wonder former Vice President Dick Cheney accuses Obama and Holder of playing the race card?”

Bravo Mark Levin!

Full video from Thursday’s TV show: