Mark Levin Is Outraged Over Boehner’s Reelection


Speaker Boehner is despicable. He is seeking revenge on those who bucked him and then had the gall to act as if he isn’t.

The Speaker talked about bringing his “family” together to discuss membership in the committees. He must think the House members are the Mafia and he’s the Don.

In the video below, Mark Levin brings up the fact that Speaker Boehner stands for nothing and won’t fight Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

I don’t agree with Levin that Freshmen congressmen should hold the bag and commit professional suicide to make the point about Boehner with their vote.

Where were the longer-serving congressmen?

If Boehner doesn’t start acting from a point of strength, Republicans will lose in 2016. I’m almost done with them. If they stand for nothing, I might as well stay home. They can’t always promise to meet around the next bend.