Mark Levin – Obama Is the Greatest Threat to Jews in Israel Since the 1930s


Mark Levin

“Barack Obama is the greatest threat the Jews face, not in this country, in Israel, since the 1930s,” Mark Levin said on his radio show Friday.

“He’s the greatest threat they face since the 1930s,” Levin continued, “and I say that because he is doing more now to degrade Israel’s military and defense posture, its intelligence information – he’s doing more now to arm Israel’s enemy – than anybody.”

“The Germans are resisting what he’s doing; the French are resisting what he’s doing; the Israelis are resisting what he’s doing; the Arab countries are resisting what he’s doing,” stated Levin.

“He is the greatest threat that that nation faces,” declared Levin. “And by the way, he’s a great threat to our nation too as far as I’m concerned, but uhh, that for another day and every day.”

“Let me continue,” Levin said. “Oh this will be the headline, what I just said. I don’t care. I don’t say it for it to be a headline. I say it to communicate with you, my beloved audience, the truth, certainly as I see it. But I think it’s true. Because a nuked-up Iran, in my view, will attack Israel. And in fact, if they can get ‘em on their ICBM’s, they’re going to attack our West Coast. And the reason the French and the Germans are concerned – yes, because of Israel, but also for themselves – is because they happen to be a little closer to that neighborhood than we do.”