Mark Levin on a Government So Corrupt It Sold Half of Projected US Uranium to the Enemy


Bill and Hillary Clinton brokered and signed off on a deal to sell half of US uranium to our geopolitical enemy – Russia. The Clinton Foundation made millions from it. They personally  made money from it.

The outrage felt by Mark Levin should be felt by everyone and it’s amazing it’s not. He believes the Clintons must be prosecuted.

It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton signing off on the sale – most of the key principals in the Obama administration, like Eric Holder, Hilda Solis and Tim Geithner, had to sign off as well as other secretaries and Barack Obama. The Clintons, however, are the ones who profited from it financially.

Mr. Obama has no problem with a sale like this but in all likelihood, he will throw Hillary under the bus. His ego will demand it.

The news of the deal has not reached the masses, but those who have heard of it aren’t screaming treason and I would like to know why.

Mark Levin believes the mainstream who are investigating the Clintons are only doing it because they know Hillary won’t become president and they want her to withdraw so they can get another candidate ready. Perhaps the candidate will be the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren or failed Governor Martin O’Malley.

Even Hillary can’t win with the kinds of egregious deals she has made. It’s not only a matter of whether she profited from it. That has yet to be proven. What we do know is bad enough – she sold the material for nuclear weapons to the enemy, enabling them – Russia – to corner the market.

US uranium could be going to Iran via Russia and probably is.

Mark Levin pointed out with disgust that ten Republicans joined Democrats in confirming the nomination of a woman for attorney general who they know will not investigate the Clintons, insuring the Clintons will not be investigated.

Personally, I doubt it matters, Eric Holder wouldn’t do it either nor would anyone else Obama nominates. Holder would have to investigate himself and he’d have to find himself culpable.

It would be nice, however, if we had a Senate that cared about the Constitution and refused to confirm anyone who promises to violate it as is the case with Loretta Lynch. I can dream, can’t I?

Listen to Mark Levin on this latest treachery from a government so corrupt it would sell nuclear material to the enemy.