Mark Levin – We Have a Terrorist Recruiting Problem in Minnesota


Mall of America

Mark Levin began his show this evening talking about the Islamo-Nazis who have secreted themselves into this country to harm us or the people from here who seek to harm us. We have immigrants from some hell holes from all over the world and no one knows who they are.

The U.S. attorney general of Minnesota said Monday that “We have a terror-recruiting problem in Minnesota.” There is more than one recruiter in the Somali community, he said. “The person radicalizing…it may be their best friend right here in town.”

We have populations coming into this country, not even an influx, but rather wave after wave and the American people are never consulted. The American people are saying no but the politicians do it anyway, Levin said.

The politicians won’t secure the border. The arguments for not doing it are preposterous.

We can’t catch these people once they’re here. We don’t have a single person running for president addressing this.

The attorney general said the six would-be terrorists arraigned Monday were not innocent young men who didn’t know what they were doing. They were men who knew full well and they could not be stopped from achieving their goal of fighting with terrorists.

No one has put a bill in to take citizenship away from these traitors. No one is doing anything though Ted Cruz has discussed it and is trying to do something.

The government has no way to differentiate the ones who come here to be good citizens or terrorists. The American people have to demand better.