Marxist Professor Wants to Teach Us to Hate the USA



Socawlege recently exposed some of the anti-U.S. and anti-Israel statements of a professor at…where else…Rutgers.

Deepa Kumar is a professor of media studies at Rutgers University and the author, most recently, of the book Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire.

In the book, she writes that America’s “mission” is “that of benevolent supremacy: ‘the notion that an American-dominated world would ensure liberty and democracy for all through the mechanisms of free-market capitalism.’”

She is an admitted Leftist, anti-Capitalist, and an environmental Marxist who appears to despise the U.S. and sees the U.S. as worse than ISIS according to one tweet posted below.

She claimed in an article for Open Democracy in 2014, that the U.S. are imperialists who use the State as a “coercive apparatus” to “advance capitalism and empire”.

“The history of capitalism is also the history of racism. In the nineteenth century, Karl Marx drew attention to how this mode of production systematically divided the oppressed as one of its principal means of survival,” she wrote on pp.238 of her book.

She is a unionist who has complained of the capitalist class and their role in the media.

In her most recent tweet, she states that the violence against women in Pakistan is comparable to violence against family members in the United States.

She retweeted the next statement from leftist writer-blogger and smear merchant Max Blumenthal, a former employee of Media Matters and devotee to the idea that Islamophobia is on the rise.

These are the original tweets that made it to print in socawlege. This Leftist woman is teaching America’s youth.

hates us deepa kumar

Kumar environmental Marxist

SoCawlege reports that in an article from December 2014, which was written in response to another activist’s critique of her ideas, Professor Kumar went after what she calls “imperial feminism” in Afghanistan.

She suggests in the piece that pointing out the oppression of Afghani women helps the West’s “imperial” efforts. Specifically, she says that it helps to “enable empire.” Hence, what appears to be true feminism – trying to advance oppressed women in the world – is done with imperialist motives. The excerpt can be found at socawlege.

She’s a supporter of the terrorist organization Hamas which she holds “blameless”. Kumar has criticized the automatic designation of Islamist groups like Hamas as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) noting that it is a political party that has the support of Palestinians.

defends terrorist organization of Hamas


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