Marxists, Occupiers, Racist Blacks Yell ‘NYPD, KKK, How Many Kids Ya Kill Today’ – Videos


The New York Post reported that over a thousand anti-cop activists tried to shut down Fifth Avenue in Midtown and the Upper East Side on Tuesday.

Only one person was arrested during this obscene show by communists, anarchists, occupiers, black militants. It is not their right to close down streets. If anyone else did it, they’d be arrested.

Most of the agitators chanted angrily at the police. “How do you spell murderers? N-Y-P-D!” said the agitators.

“NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” other protesters chanted, who started on the sidewalk before moving onto the streets of Fifth and Madison Avenue.

Click to hear the sound:

Twitter pics with actual chants:

The activists choked the traffic– and left an ambulance from New York Presbyterian stranded on 54th Street and 5th Avenue.

Activists from the leftists groups Act Now to End War, the Occupiers, The Revolutionary Communist Party,  Stop Racism Coalition et al led the vicious protests which were advertised under the hashtags “jailkillercops”, “shutdown5thAve”, and “winter of resistance”.

The Progressive Labor Party [Communist Revolutionaries] hailed the protests in a post on their website today. Read the excerpt:

Forum: Hails Ferguson Rebellion, Shuts Down Streets WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2014 AT 12:00AM NEW YORK CITY, December 21 — The Progressive Labor Party and other antiracist protesters escalated the fight against U.S. kkkapitalism here this weekend. Rising fascism in the U.S. — and an onslaught of racist murders by the cops — has left workers and youth no choice but to fight back. These two days in New York demonstrated that workers and youth are not only open to communist politics, but are willing to organize under communist leadership.

You can go to their site to read more. 

Profanity-laced chant, some carried communist flags:


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Earlier in the evening: