Mass Collection of Data of All Americans Is All the Rage


Apparently, many of Republicans and Democrats like data mining, collecting, and storing of all communications by all Americans because they want to keep us safe at the expense of our freedoms and our rights.

They seem to have a loose grip on our Bill of Rights.

On his radio show last night, Mark Levin presented an impressive defense of Rand Paul for his principled stance on The Patriot Act. Paul is being pummeled unfairly by both left and right.

No matter what people think of Rand Paul, he is standing up for the Constitution and for his beliefs. It’s refreshing. Personally, I agree that the government doesn’t need all our communications.

Rand Paul is attacking Republicans and coming up with conspiracy theories hurting his own cause, but that’s another issue. When he said some Republicans are rooting for an attack, he lost a lot of people. He jumped the shark with that.

The government is allowing anyone who wants to come here illegally to stay without being vetted. We don’t profile the enemy, we don’t deport, we are importing foreigners from terrorist locations and then spreading them throughout the country. This isn’t a government who cares about our safety.


Last night, the original author of The Patriot Act, Rep. John Sensenbrenner, was on The Sean Hannity Show. He was very clear that the original act had a clause banning mass collection of data on Americans.

Utah Spy Center

What the original law called for was sufficient according to its author. The government is data mining and storing all of this data in their massive spy center in Utah (photo above) – no good can come from it.

Rep. Sensenbrenner said the government has intercepted and collected the data of most Americans

The government needs to be pulled back. The new act – The Freedom Act – is a start.

The Freedom Act ends the storing or our records. The government has to get a warrant before the phone company can give them the information.