Massive Push to Tie Terrorism to the First and Second Amendment


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Chris “Tingles” Matthews of MSNBC told New York City’s communist mayor Bill de Blasio that because of our Second Amendment, terrorists can easily get guns. They can buy AK’s and “you put the First and Second Amendment together and you throw in zealotry…and we have a problem of predicting how the powder, when it’s gonna blow. And doesn’t it worry you?…”

Yes, let’s not leave out the First Amendment Tingles!

Predictably, de Blasio said that it worries him “for sure” and the terrorists “can get those weapons as you describe. These campus shooters who often don’t have any ideology, they have a mental health problem. They can get these weapons. You’re entirely right, the laws in this country governing the use of guns don’t stop this violence from happening in many, many forms, but I agree, perhaps the most galling of all is that a terrorist who wants to attack the United States of America and says it out loud can still get a gun at a store in this country even if they’re on a list that identifies them as a danger. You know, I’d like to believe that the NRA and others –“

Two thousand on the terror watch list have gotten guns in the US but it’s not because of America’s Second Amendment, it’s because the Federal government can’t run a database of terrorists. The watch list is a pitiful joke. They had Ted Kennedy on it once but terrorists somehow get missed.

Matthews then went on to say the NRA wants terrorists to get guns.

“And by the way, the NRA is nondiscriminatory when it comes to who gets guns. They’re for everybody getting them, including terrorists.”

The NRA wants terrorists to get guns?!? De Blasio predictably agreed with that bizarre statement.

“You know what? Maybe this is a moment for some revelation,” the communist mayor said, “because people are waking up to the threats we’re facing around the world more and more. Maybe it’s something that will jolt the debate in this country on the availability of guns, just like the campus massacres. I’ve got to believe at some point there’s a critical mass that actually changes our politics and changes our policies.”

“You know, I thought when Bobby Kennedy, the senator from New York, was killed by an Arab terrorist, because they didn’t like what Bobby was saying about where we should have our embassy in Israel, that was the basis of his mission, if you will, Sirhan Sirhan. I wrote my congressman. I thought that would stir a change on gun control. It didn’t.”

Arab terrorists are killing because of our First and Second Amendments to the constitution in Matthews’ view as if they can’t somehow get a bomb together or knives as we saw in Boston and as we are seeing in Israel. As if the illegal gun trade won’t be increased if they limit or confiscate guns as these people want.


Don’t take any of this too lightly. There is a huge push right now to tie terrorism into gun control. The Violence Policy Center which is an anti-gun group operating under the guise of wanting to stop violence, is joining forces with Bloomberg groups to make the connection.

Our nation’s Capitol still wants to ban all guns even though they know it’s unconstitutional. That is where these people are headed.

Obama plans to use year 8 to push to control of all guns.

The First Amendment is also in danger, not only for PC’s sake but the totalitarians want to shut down all opposition, especially when it comes to guns. They now call gun magazines “gun porn”, children are not allowed to mention guns in school, and legal gun owners are continually demonized.

Once one Amendment goes down, they all go and the leftists want the Second obliterated.


  1. More like we can Tie Terrorism to the Obama Administration. People like New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio encourages we not be able to defend ourselves from the Terrorists Obama lets in to the Country!

  2. What’s dangerous is the reckless ignorance of fools like Matthews and De Blasio. And that they have influence over the mindless idiots that watch MSNBC.

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