Masters of War


Obama, Peace Prize Winner

What do the following men have in common, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson? With the exception of Kennedy, all were either two-term presidents or a vice president in a previous administration before becoming president. More importantly, they are the masters of 20th century American wars.

The 20th century liberal progressive dogma was peace and love. Ironically, all major wars of the 20th century were created and conducted by “peace loving” liberal Commanders-in-Chief. Historically, the 20th century mantle of peace has been awarded to the progressive liberal politician without considering the facts.

Foreign entanglements, the policy of appeasement, poor policy decisions, sanctions, inefficient war management, and preservation of presidential legacy can all be attributed to these presidents. War is failure. Win, lose, or draw, the fact is, liberal Democrats conducted all major American 20th century wars.

These Masters of War, with no skin in the game, sat behind their desk with the mantle of peace proudly displayed, while sending millions to peril with inept policy and poor war management. Their example most certainly should be a lesson for future American foreign policy, and a burden of responsibility to each American who cast a vote for these failures.

The most recent occupier of the White House, Nobel Peace Prize winning Barack Hussein Obama, is continuing this hideous pattern. Following 100 years of devastation, the American public foolishly continues to be deceived by peace rhetoric of liberal politicians, and ultimately will be led to slaughter by “leaders” with no skin in the game. If America fails to recognize this pattern, we will most certainly end up in a war with the absolute potential of ending civilization.

The die is cast. Please Americans, recognize these historical facts and stand firmly against the current course of failure.