Matt Drudge Under Attack by DDOS


Matt Drudge’s immensely popular news aggregate, The Drudge Report, is currently under attack from thousands of untraceable sources. Drudge thinks it might be coming from the government – the DDOS to be specific.

Certainly, that’s a realistic guess. President Obama constantly complains about Rush, Fox News and other right-leaning outlets. Leftists in general, including Hillary Clinton, continually look for ways to pass laws limiting our free speech.

Matt Drudge, editor of The Drudge Report
Matt Drudge, editor of The Drudge Report

Drudge sent out two tweets suggesting it was DDOS Thursday.

The Sentinel was attacked a number of times, once over our government land grab articles. I traced several back to the Bureau of Land Management. The head of the OK land management contacted me and wanted an interview. My friend, now deceased, operated Grumpy’s Opinions, and joined me in attacking them back on Twitter and demanding the DOI fire them.

Another guess as to who is behind the attacks on Drudge would be the leftist organizations funded by the likes of George Soros. They too have algorithms that can set off thousands of fake assailants at once.

Drudge’s website was named in the recent fake news controversy by no less than The Washington Post (WaPo) only a little more than a month ago.

In late November WaPo published a controversial report on how the Russians used American websites to push anti-Hillary propaganda in the 2016 election.

The left has been very focused on “fake news” websites after Hillary Clinton suffered a shocking loss in the November 8th election. They are almost exclusively interested in right-wing fake news, however. The left isn’t satisfied with having almost all media outlets, they want all media outlets.

The Drudge Report was on a list of sites alleged to be pushing Russian propaganda.

The Washington Post cited a fake news website called ProporNot [Prop as in propaganda]  as their source for the list of Russian propaganda sites.

The list was introduced with these words of caution about their blacklisted sites: they regularly provide Russian propaganda and some are “genuinely unaware” that they are.

It was based on an absurd list by a leftist professor and included a number of popular conservative websites and a few left-wing sites. Aside from The Drudge Report, it included Zerohedge, Wikileaks, Infowars, the Ron Paul Institute, and others.

Could our government with the out-of-control Marxist at the helm be attacking Drudge? What do you think?