Maureen Dowdy, Swiping At Romney & the Tea Party


Maureen Dowd must be watching too many horror movies because she is turning into the monster she imagines everyone else to be. Seriously though, do you think anyone actually likes her or are they merely afraid to end up in her op-ed column?

This week’s Dowd column was devoted to insulting Mitt Romney. She was deeply concerned about the core issues such as his hair, folksy speech, perspiration, and, of course, his religion – bigot that she is.

Generously, she included the tea party in her maniacal diatribe.

She wrote, “…Grant (Cary Grant) came to mind because the setting for Romney’s press conference, outside the Vermeer agricultural manufacturing plant in Pella, recalled the famous scene in Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”: Mad Man Roger O. Thornhill has to run for his life through Midwest cornfields when the bad guys chase him in a crop-duster. It’s an apt image for the riven Republican Party: Some maniacal Tea Party meanies fly in out of nowhere to spew poison, chasing the establishment guys out of their more refined natural habitats.

One pollster here wryly noted that the Republican presidential prospects divide into ‘the sane and the insane.'” The pollster must have been looking at her when the word “insane” came up.

Maureen Dowd’s claim to fame is her ability to chop people up into little pieces with spiteful rhetoric, that she thinks is clever repartee with herself, and then spew them out onto the pages of the New York Times, as would any cowardly writer hiding behind a pen with the might of a famous newspaper behind her.

Alas, she’s no Mark Twain.

Take this bit of nonsense as an example of unimaginative and unkind sentiment, “…On the state fair soapbox, Romney put a loafer up on a bale of hay and perspired from the heat as some in the audience chatted about how his first name is Willard. While Democrats are amused that Romney shares a name with a famous movie rat, it is also disturbing that Mitt and Willard morph into Millard, the name of one of America’s most mediocre presidents…”

Movie rat, mediocre President?…not for a moment would I want to know what it is like being inside her brain.

Someone needs to tell Maureen Dowd that she works for a corporation. Dowd made a point of attacking Romney and the Republicans for supporting corporations as she wrote, “…Of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation. We the corporation. Corporations who need corporations are the luckiest corporations in the world. Power to the corporation!”

Unfortunately, she forgot to mention the cosy relationship that exists between her party and Barack Obama and Wall Street and the Wall St. banks; all of whom Obama giddily and relentlessly bails out. Don’t forget the money the “evil corporations” have poured into Obama’s campaigns.

I don’t feel moved to share the link to her article. If you really must read it, you can google it, no problem.

Maureen Dowd is the perfect New York liberal, drinking her pinot at cocktail parties, looking down her proverbial nose at those who don’t drink pinot, while she dismays herself with her own clever wit which was brewed in a tank of Natty Light and Pig’s Eye.