May Day Commie & Anarchist Violence – A Stark Contrast to Nonviolent Tea Parties


The 1% fringe population, campaigning for Obama and his class warfare platform, are off to a typical start. They called their first day a success. They plan to continue until Obama’s re-election. They wanted a general strike and plan to overthrow capitalism. The strike actually fizzled. There were scattered hundreds in several cities, not enough to overcome their title as the “fringe.”

A Columbia Professor appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, and who also authored a book about the 1%, said there were tens of thousands of playful people in NYC with the news concentrating on the few violent ones. Interesting comment, since the news media concentrated on inventing stories of inappropriate behavior when the Tea Parties rallied.

Seattle May Day OWS Violence –

Police and Protesters clash in Oakland, the Van Jones bailiwick –

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Five Anarchists try to blow up Ohio bridge –