Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Rising Star of the Democratic Party

9/11 Truther Charlie Sheen and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
9/11 Truther Charlie Sheen and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa


Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, formerly Tony Villar, has been called to DC by President Obama to receive his marching orders on gun control and immigration reform advocacy.

Villaraigosa has been traveling hither and yon pushing the platform, campaign-style. He is fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants who have come here to work, to also obtain all the rights and privileges of citizens. He adds that he wants them to speak English, pass a background check, and pay back taxes.

He is supportive of open borders. “No human being is illegal. No human being should be illegal. We must enshrine this principle in the heart and soul of this country’s immigration policy,” he said. “That is our moral imperative. That is our political challenge. And 2013 is our time.”

If incoming illegal immigrants were Republicans, we would not be having this conversation.

When he’s not talking immigration reform, he’s talking gun control with Mayors throughout the country. He is interested in legal gun owners not keeping their rights. He’s interested in buybacks and licensing ammo sellers [they would have to notify the FBI every time they sell ammo]. He is opposed to assault weapons but doesn’t define “assault.”

His time is mostly spent meeting and campaigning for causes and Obama’s campaign is his current cause. Reports are that in one ten week period, he spent no more than 11% of his time at his actual job as LA mayor.

He also takes time out to party, recently he did so with the substance abusing womanizer, Charlie Sheen. When it became known that Villaraigosa was partying hot and heavy with Sheen, Villaraigosa said he spent only three minutes with Sheen.

Charlie Sheen came out publicly and said,

“I memorize 95 pages a week, so the last thing that I am is memory challenged. We hung out for the better part of 2 hours, discussing his L.A. roots, his poignant bullet campaign as well as his numeric 3 AM lawn-watering tactics,” the actor told TMZ.

“He’s a terrific guy, a great Mayor and he can drink with the best of ’em: Me. Quite a memorable night indeed,” Sheen continued, adding that there was at least one porn star among other hot women in the hotel room.

Villaraigosa will term out of the mayor’s position this year and from there he could make a run for Governor or seek an appointment to Obama’s cabinet in a job he is as equally unqualified for as he was for mayor.

Villaraigosa was known as Tony Villar once. He decided to go with Antonio in the 1980’s and when he married Corina Raigosa, they combined their last names, becoming Mr. and Mrs. Villaraigosa. He has since gone through a messy divorce because of his adultery.

After the adultery came to light, he was named all-time worst Angelenos chosen by online voters who responded to the Talk Back to Lopez poll at the Los Angeles Times.

A New Yorker magazine published a story before his divorce painting him as an egotistical womanizer who infuriated those who propelled him to success and whom he left behind.

An excerpt from the New Yorker:

His [Villaraigoa] single-minded ambition contains a streak of petty vindictiveness, and he has alienated many who were once enthusiastic supporters.

Even among other politicians—not a shy group—his drive for self-aggrandizement sets him apart; and some of his colleagues say that he cannot be trusted in the normal give-and-take of political life. “He wants you when he needs you, and then it’s over,” a legislator who has known him for many years told me.

There are officials who deeply dislike him but hesitate to cross him. (One who did was banned from his office, and, at a press conference, Villaraigosa introduced everyone on the dais but that official.)

When Nancy Pelosi praised him during a meeting of the California House Democratic delegation in January, Dennis Cardoza, a congressman from the Central Valley who served in the California Assembly with him, told her that she did not know the real Villaraigosa, who “stabs people in the back.”

Tom Hayden, the former activist, also served in the California legislature with Villaraigosa, and has known him for nearly twenty years. “Antonio’s pattern is to leave people in the dust.”

Villaraigosa runs the LA schools to mixed reviews at best with accountability decreasing markedly. When he made the decision to take the schools from the boards, one of the great strategic minds, John Hein, tried to dissuade him. Villaraigosa had been a union leader for SEIU and holds strong union support. The California Teachers Assoc., strong Villaraigosa supporters and fundraisers, do not believe in mayoral control because the organization is too large for one man.

Villaraigosa didn’t want to deal with Hein, but he wanted to run the schools. Hein says, “Antonio promised me he didn’t really mean what he had said. Then he gave a speech—in which he said the opposite of what he’d told me.” Hein says that he called Villaraigosa and told him to lose his phone number. They did not speak for several months.

In the end, Hein came to his rescue because losing the support of the union for a Democrat was not in the party’s interest.

Villaraigosa is partial to nepotism. He gave his daughter Marisela Villar a job at $68,000 a year to answer the phones and arrange meetings. She does not have the experience or education to warrant the position.

When the LA debt grew, he called for cuts in pay to all city departments except his own – 205 employees.

He has been cited for numerous ethical violations. He was accused of 31 counts of violations concerning campaign finance and disclosure laws in 2007 from his activities in 2003, and in 2010, he was again cited for unreported acceptance of 81 tickets to concerts, awards ceremonies and sporting events.

When he does report to work, his effectiveness is somewhat in question. He vowed to hire 1000 new police officers but hasn’t as yet. While he thinks that legal gun owners are a problem, he has done little to reduce the high crime rates.

Villaraigosa advertised a drop in crime but but one study out of John Jay College reports that “In 1956, 89 percent of homicides were cleared. Today, if you kill another human being in Los Angeles, chances are very good you will get away with it: 43 out of every 100 killers are not caught…In 1956, 42 percent of robberies were cleared by an arrest. Today, that number is 26 percent.”

Villaraigosa has a compelling personal story until you realize it’s not true. He has told different variations of it but basically, he lauds his mother for raising him after his abusive and alcoholic father left them and took up with another woman when he was only five . The father even abused his own mother allegedly. Then, to make matters worse, his father named the first son with the new woman Tony Villar!

Before you feel too sorry for him, many people portrayed in the story have come forward to say it is not true. In 2006, his father, Tony Villar, adamantly denied the account. He said he was never an alcoholic, never abused his wife or mother.

The second son’s name is actually Anthony Gustavo Villar and he is a Professor of University of California Santa Cruz. He and his family speak highly of the father, describing him as gentle, loving, kind and deeply religious. In fifty years of marriage, he never abused his wife or their four children, nor shown any hints of alcoholism. Anthony Gusavo was so upset by what he says are lies that he went to see Villaraigosa to ask him why and how he could say those things.

When Villaraigosa led the DNC during the past presidential election, he attributed his success in life to the affirmative action program which gave him a chance, but he failed to mention the fact that he had to take the bar exam four times before he passed.

He was given a real opportunity to shine at the DNC but came off as confused at the first sign of trouble. When the issue of putting “God” and “Jerusalem” back into the party platform came up during the convention, the vote was clearly opposed, but he ignored the decision of the delegates and put “God” and “Jerusalem” back in. You might agree with his decision but the vote was the vote or why vote?

Since he has been mayor, the unemployment has soared and the GDP has dropped by double-digit percentages in LA. There is no way to tell if he could succeed should he actually show up at work.

Expect to see a lot of Villaraigosa as he campaigns for gun control and open borders. Obama is using him to garner support in the minority communities.

He’s the new star of the Democratic Party. He’s going places.


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