Mayor Bloomberg Says Eating 65 Hot Dogs in Ten Minutes Is A-Okay

Mayor Bloomberg Eating Unhealthy Food

Mayor Bloomberg is pictured above eating a hot dog (which is 50% fat) at the weigh in for tomorrow’s hot dog eating contest. Tomorrow will be Nathan’s 97th July 4th hot dog eating contest and he will officiate. I wonder if he’d like to wash that doggie down with a Big Gulp? Oops, silly me, he can’t, he’s banning them.

Bloomberg is passing laws to prevent the sale of large sodas, trans-fats in restaurants and, if he could, he’d ban salt in restaurants. Somehow he doesn’t see the double standard here.

Nanny Bloomberg believes he gets to set the rules about what people can or cannot eat and under what conditions (because he knows best) –

“I like fast food like everybody else. It’s great. It tastes great. But if you want to stay and live longer, it’s not a good recipe,” he said. “Having it occasionally is fine. If you want to eat 65 hot dogs in ten minutes, that’s even fine. Just don’t do it more than once a year and you won’t have a problem.”

The hot dog fast eaters have to spend the entire year preparing for this contest. They don’t just eat 65 hot dogs in ten minutes for one day. Mayor Bloomberg hasn’t thought this through very well.

Word has it that he told a lot of bad hot dog jokes. A career as a comedian is probably not going to work out for him.

“Let me be frank – this is one of my favorite traditions,” he quipped. He later said of the contest: “No question it’s going to be a dog fight.”

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