McCain Dishonors Himself with Vile Op-Ed Blaming Trump for Dictators Around the World


Senator John McCain, never one to miss an opportunity to insult the President, penned a critical op-ed in the Washington Post on Tuesday, one day before the President teased “Fake News Awards” were scheduled to take place.

McCain is angry about Trump’s upcoming fake news awards and he hasn’t forgiven him for insulting him last year. However, McCain was a victim of the press and with all the vile accusations they made against him in 2007-2008, you would think he’d be more sympathetic to someone being vilified by the biased press.

McCain says the 45th president’s assault on American media provides cover for oppressive global regimes to “follow suit.” He is actually blaming the President for the dictators around the world who are imprisoning journalists. He is so unfair.

McCain writes: “He [Trump] has threatened to continue his attempt to discredit the free press by bestowing ‘fake news awards’ upon reporters and news outlets whose coverage he disagrees with. Whether Trump knows it or not, these efforts are being closely watched by foreign leaders who are already using his words as cover as they silence and shutter one of the key pillars of democracy.”

McCain talked about regimes that imprison reporters but wasn’t very vocal when President Obama was actually imprisoning American reporters or trying to imprison them.

McCain also said nothing about the 90% negative coverage by the press and the 24/7 vile, dishonest coverage against Trump.

That’s dishonest of McCain and just plain vengeance on his part. Is this really how he wants to be remembered as he prepares to leave this earth?

The President has every right to defend himself and the fake news awards are funny. He isn’t imprisoning journalists – they’re attacking him.

Senator Flake called the President Stalinesque but what is Stalinesque is what is being done to Trump.

McCain elaborated on Trump intruding on “human rights” in his op-ed even though President Trump has not intruded on the right of journalists to express themselves freely. They are depriving him of his human rights.

As James Rosen said, nothing Trump did comes close to what the Obama administration did.


  1. McCain and Flake have become irrelevant and demented. They are so hostile and obsessed with Trump they are no longer rational. They should switch to the DEM Party or resign immediately.

    • McConnell could declare Flake is out of order and no longer allowed to use the podium for his personal vendetta.

  2. Ah, there’s that word ‘democracy’. Use of the word as a replacement for ‘liberty’ means the remarker has pretty much lost me. I am a little more okay with ‘right’ or ‘freedom’, but democracy doesn’t cut it. It’s truly a clunker word and shouldn’t be used as an attribute of U. S. A. nor America.

    At this time in Mr. McCain’s life, I cannot recall anything that is memorable in a good way, except his return as a POW, which I do recall. My admiration for him getting through that hell no longer outweighs his transgressions these past many years in Congress, but I will always him admire for surviving being a POW.

  3. Dying a bitter person is a bad idea. McCain’s behavior indicates that he knows how much he is hated, and how much Trump has outdid him in leadership.

  4. Mc Cain is jealous of Trump . Mc Cain has so much hate in his heart for Trump that it is destroying him from with in.
    He also doesnt cary about the harm he is doing to the USA.
    We went down this road before when he earned the nick name SONG BIRD.

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