MD Sheriff: Police Have Been “Disemboweled”…”Worst Race Relations” I’ve Seen Thanks to Obama and Holder


Barack Obama’s riot/protest sheep are getting what they want but the innocent are being made to suffer for it. Obama and his DOJ want a disarmed police force – that we know from the new guidelines forced on Cleveland police. Well, they got it. The police are afraid to do their jobs.

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Law enforcement throughout the country are responding to the president’s transformation of the local police departments into bizarre dispensers of social justice where police are always guilty.

They have become ducks in a shooting gallery. Mistakes by police are now criminalized.

Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico, Maryland, said the officers are afraid to be proactive even though it is necessary to save lives.

The police have been “disemboweled”, Sheriff Lewis said. “It’s the worst I’ve seen since I’ve been in law enforcement.”

Sheriff Lewis said the general feeling across the country is police are fearful of doing their job. He’s hearing it on a daily basis .

He told Sean Hannity on his show last night that “The President was very quick to weigh in on Trayvon Martin, very quick to weigh in, as you well know, on the Michael Brown case, and the Eric Garner case, but he’s not used any of his presidential influence or power to stop the violence that’s occurring in Baltimore City, in Chicago…Rahm Emanuel, his former Chief of Staff, is currently the mayor…nothing’s been done about this at all in these urban areas.”

After watching a video clip of Obama commenting about the Cambridge police acting “stupidly”, Sean Hannity asked Sheriff Lewis for a response and whether he thought the president has impacted this.

“Wow, Sean. He’s impacted this tremendously,” Sheriff Lewis said. “The racial disparities have grown exponentially under the Obama administration under Eric Holder’s leadership. We have seen this grow rapidly over the last several years. Race relations had been the best I had ever seen 8 or 10 years ago. They have eroded tremendously under the Obama administration and Eric Holder. The worst I’ve ever seen.”

When the Democrats lose Geraldo, they’re in trouble and they’ve lost Geraldo. Geraldo said that black lives matter “only when they are killed by cops.”

He continued. “This is the civil rights issue of our day. Black people killing black people.”

Watch the next video.

The White House has blamed social ills, the police, and the GOP for the violence in Baltimore though it’s obviously the social justice forces along with the empowered and emboldened criminals that are causing the problems. Josh Earnest, however, has a new schtick now. The violence in places like Chicago and Baltimore is because we don’t have enough gun control!

“Obviously there’s some common sense things we could do – certainly passage of some gun safety laws in Congress that could keep guns out of the hands of criminals would be one thing that we could do to try to limit the violence,” he told the press two days ago.

He also blamed poverty.

“There’s no one simple answer to try to address this,” Earnest said. “But this is a challenge that the president is willing to confront.”

Narcissistic, ideological dictators blame everything but the root cause and hope we’re stupid enough to fall for it. It should pass no one’s notice that these are Democratic cities going up in flames with black lives needlessly lost.

While all these black people are dying – and, yes, black lives matter – the jack in the White House is talking about the really dangerous threat – climate change. He’s a jack beyond all words. While he’s concerned about whether we call thugs “thugs”, people are being killed unnecessarily. Today, a 31-year old woman and her 8-year old son were shot in the head!

Nine people died last weekend alone in Baltimore and another 29 where shot including a 17-year old and a 9-year old. I couldn’t find their names, their ages, nothing. They’re just some nameless people relegated to anonymity and what is this administration worried about? Climate change!

The president and his minions couldn’t care less about these people.

The residents are now too scared to go out and they’re terrified for their children but they can’t expect the police to go out and risk everything when they are constantly put under a microscope, second-guessed, and surrounded by crowds of 30 angry people when they try to make an arrest or when they are confronted with angry mobs day-in-and-day-out carrying Nation of Islam and Revolutionary Communist Party signs and cell phone cameras.