Media Can’t Say Enough Bad Things About the GOP


What person who pays any attention to what is going on in our government would think the deal the Republicans offered is in any way unreasonable?

Mr. Obama has delayed portions of the bill 7 times, he has made 19 changes to the law without congressional approval, and he has exempted thousands of people from it. He won’t however delay the individual mandate for one year. That is the mandate that requires the common man to buy insurance.

The other concession requested by Republicans is to disallow congressional employees from receiving a carve out the ordinary American does not get.

Does anyone care that this president has not passed a budget in violation of the Constitution and that is why we need this spending bill?

The mainstream media is now heating up the presses against Republicans and portraying them as the unreasonable ones.

I hate to even post this disgusting headline from The Daily News but people need to know.

Daily News

The Daily News caters to a mostly Democratic city and apparently they are not discerning readers. The Daily News isn’t very civil.

ABC News claims the shutdown blocks kids from cancer trials among other things such as the closing of Yosemite and other parks. The lead article is about Mr. Obama declaring, ‘I won’t give in to reckless demands.’

The next article was written to embarrass Republicans and begins with these two lines:

Eight House Republicans were appointed to negotiate a budget deal with Senate Democrats today and actually sat at a table to await some senators.

When no one showed up, the Republicans said it was an example of the Senate Dems’ refusal to negotiate to reach a deal.

How different this article would have read if the situation were reversed.

This is the photo that went with it.


The LA Times headline was ‘The GOP shutdown sham’ and the opening line was ‘Republicans are holding the government hostage in their battle against healthcare reform.’ [Every paper carried this soundbite]

NPR: ‘Unable to stop shutdown, Obama pins the blame on Republicans.’ [Another soundbite repeated throughout the mainstream media]

CNN: Obama blames Republican ‘ideological crusade’ for shutdown.

Yahoo: Americans reject GOP shutdown strategy.

NY Times: GOP stands firm on shutdown but dissent grows.

CNBC only talks about the GOP shutdown.

The Washington Post: House Republicans are continuing to grapple unsuccessfully with what it means to be a governing party.

Then there is this nonsense from the government propaganda machine:


Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.
After funding has been restored, please allow some time for this website tobecome available again.
For information about available government services, visit usa.govTo view U.S. Department of Agriculture Agency Contingency plans, visit:
Message from the President to U.S. Government Employees

The government closed the OUTDOOR WORLD WAR II museum which was completely unnecessary. It’s OUTDOORS and the government actually blockaded it. An organization called the Honor Flight Network is on a mission: to take WWII vets to the memorial in Washington that honors their service. A group of 90 arriving at the memorial Tuesday ran right smack into the government shutdown. Mr. Obama was told about the group and refused to allow them past the barricades. Rep. Gohmert went down to the memorial with 8 other congressmen, removed the blockades, and escorted the veterans through the memorial.

Mr. Obama is the one who will not negotiate at all and he is the one who is making sure this will hurt the American people as much as possible.