Media Ignores Obama’s Comparison of Trump to Hitler


An article we published yesterday dealt with President Obama’s speech this week before The Economic Club in Chicago. He not only compared the President to Hitler during the rant, he lamented not getting stringent gun control laws passed.

The former president’s goal was to incrementally move the country towards the far-left with Hillary Clinton finishing the job through massive immigration of far-left foreigners. Obama and his minions are now desperate as they see his agenda being reversed. They must get rid of Trump at all costs.

At least one present, Greg Hinz, found the speech “remarkable”.

The mainstream media is either ignoring what Barack Obama actually said or they are pretending he wasn’t comparing Trump to Hitler since he didn’t actually use Hitler’s name. It’s absurd because it was obvious what he meant.




  1. I I strongly supported the re-election of FORMER Pres. Obama, however, I would not support him now if he were running for volunteer dog catcher and I would not support Hillary Clinton if she were running for volunteer kennel cleaner. Based upon what I have learned about Osama Obama and crooked hillary I hope that they will be prosecuted for their crimes. Thank you, Pres. Trump. It will be a cold day in hell before Michelle Obama is elected President of the U.S. Hopefully she will be visiting her husband at Leavenworth where she will be interrupting a volleyball game there with her husband, Mueller, Comey, Rodney Rosenstein, Lorreta Lynch, Hillary, and Bill, and McCabe, and others.

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