Media Instantly Politicized Horrific Florida School Shooting


When media and politicians immediately politicized the Florida school shooting, where was the empathy? Why was that the first thought when we didn’t have any information?

Democrat media and politicians destroy their own arguments on gun control because of their highly politicized arguments. They continually propose gun laws that are irrelevant and wouldn’t have stopped the crime.


Chris Murphy wasted no time yesterday to say about the school shooting in Florida, “this happens nowhere else.” That’s not true. They might use bombs or stolen guns or machetes but it does happen. Gun crimes are way down overall.

Rep. Seth Moulton earned points with his far left friends by disrespectfully telling the President to “get off his lazy ass” and pass gun control.

The stress-inducing, biased media immediately politicized this horrible slaughter. Watch this montage.

Social media immediately blew up with accusations against Republicans, the President, the NRA, blaming everyone but the killer. Even Florida attorney general Pam Bondi was blamed. Criticisms came from bots and far-left RESIST accounts flew around Twitter and caused more outrage at everyone but the killer.


We need more security on the school campuses. We need more mental health facilities. That was not the first thought but it addresses the problem.

Listen to what Trey Gowdy has to say. There is a long list of people who are not allowed to own a gun, yet we are not enforcing the law for even these people.


President Trump addressed the issue and called for solutions that will actually work.