Media Mob Fries Rice


Ray, Janay, baby

I have listened to the Ray Rice media mob ad nauseum and I only have two words to say – SHUT UP! After weeks of watching the elevator video over-and-over, I only learned today that Ray’s wife Janay slapped him first. While it’s certainly not an excuse, the media should remember that there is always more to every story.

Rice is getting the same treatment as Paula Deen – vigilante justice, swift and harsh.

TMZ, the entertainment/gossip channel that released the full video, is using it for ratings and they’ve lured the mainstream media in.

It’s terrible that Rice punched his girlfriend – now his wife – and rendered her unconscious. He couldn’t seem to pick her up after he knocked her unconscious and ended up dragging her out of the elevator caveman style. It looked really awful, no doubt about it. There is no excuse for punching a woman.

However, does the media and the people they rile up have the right to rob him of his career, his livelihood and who knows what else, without a trial?

This is the same kind of lynch mob we saw in Ferguson.

The vigilantes are all going after him, the NFL, and Roger Goodell.

The prosecutor, who is a Rutgers graduate like Rice, let Rice go into an intervention program in lieu of jail after reviewing the evidence including the video. Shouldn’t the prosecutor be the one the media attacks? Why Goodell? Why is the NFL in charge of policing? It shouldn’t be the NFL’s job.

CBS interviewer Norah O’Donnell grilled Goodell Tuesday and, as it turns out, he never saw the second full video, but as I said, it’s not his job. O’Donnell asked him why he couldn’t get the second video but TMZ could. I’d like to know why CBS didn’t get the video.

Rice has lost his job. His career is in doubt – grave doubt. His marriage was shaky to begin with and they have beautiful little girl who needs a mother and a father. Now there are calls to put him in jail though he is a first offender.

Where are all the liberals who want to release violent criminals because they had bad childhoods? Where is Al Sharpton? Didn’t anyone notice that Ray Rice is black?

What if there are extenuating circumstances we don’t know about. It doesn’t matter. The lynch mob doesn’t care.

Janay Rice has come to his defense and the media is attacking her as the stereotypical victim of domestic abuse who makes excuses for her abuser.

How do they know that’s true?

She said, “To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his a** off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific [sic]. THIS IS OUR LIFE!” she wrote in an Instagram posted today.

She repeated her defense of her husband Tuesday in a brief interview with ESPN, saying, “I love my husband. I support him. I want people to respect our privacy in this family matter.”

This incident happened back in March and Goodell suspended Rice for two games which cost him millions. TMZ came out with the full video recently and the media went wild – it’s ratings you know!

Then the hammer came down.

The media is telling us what to think. They are telling us what to care about and how much.

The couple are in marriage counseling, they have a two-year old child, and her family is sticking by Rice.

If they can give him a chance, why can’t we?

At what point, is it none of our business?