Media Portrays Leftist Hordes at Chaffetz Townhall as Trump’s Fault


A number of left-wingers shut down Jason Chaffetz’s townhall at Brighton High School last night, making it nearly impossible for him to speak.

CNN attempted to present the protest as legitimate backlash against Donald Trump even though it was obviously a set up.

This is some of the pablum CNN fed the public:

More than seven years after angry anti-Obamacare town halls erupted across the country, raw emotions are boiling over again — this time, as the Republican Party under President Donald Trump gears up to dismantle Barack Obama’s legacy.

And the fury is flaring up in some of most conservative corners of the country.

They want you to believe this is an outpouring of anger from his constituency.

CBS News presented it the same way with the title of their article reading, “In the Trump era, congressional town halls are packed with protesters”

HuffPo claimed the “protesters” blasted Chaffetz over Trump, asking him if he believed in science while others screamed, “Do your job!”

Earlier in the day, Chaffetz said that he hopes Trump will repeal the newly-named Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah. That’s why many of these protesters/rioters were at the townhall.

“We have a major problem here in Salt Lake Valley, with the inversion,” Chaffetz told the crowd gathered at a high school in a Salt Lake City suburb. He affirmed his support for solar energy, but said it can have its own negative impact on animals and wildlife.

At least some appear to have been organized by a left-wing artist named Jeremy Collins.

The protesters don’t want any public lands in Utah returned to the state. The federal government owns more than 57% of Utah lands.

The federal government isn’t supposed to own any land except under very restricted circumstances.

Others who were carrying on demanded the President’s tax returns. Legally, Trump doesn’t have to release them and Chaffetz was able to get that information out.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee repeatedly said, “hold on,” and “give me a second,” as the audience members shut him down no matter what he said.

Reportedly, hundreds of people stood outside the auditorium holding signs and chanting, “Vote him out,” while one woman was arrested and put into handcuffs, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Just another organized leftist set up and hardly a grassroots eruption at the election of Donald Trump as the media would have people believe.


  1. They’re leftist because they are angry constituents? There’s no evidence either way. They could be progressive they could be conservative or a mix of constituents. One thing is certain: either way he has some upset constituents.

  2. And this is a prime example of what happens when you don’t follow Roberts Rules of Order, total chaos! Next time have the police empty the building and have no more meetings. And this is the exact reason Warren was censured! If you act like an asshole nothing gets accomplished and everyone loses!

  3. An article like this definitely needs to back ups its claims. Look, we all “know” that people are paid and sent in to give the impression of upset citizens, but document it. Get some identification from people or go scan the parking lot to see if there’s an unusually high number of out of state license plates. Just give us facts and evidence, not confirmation bias and hearsay.

    • Oh stop! They could be in state but they are the minority of leftists being portrayed as the majority of people in the state angry with Trump. This was not grassroots. It was not organic. That’s a deception. The readers here aren’t going to fall for your distractions.

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