Megyn Gets a Little Nasty With Mike Huckabee Over the Trump Muslim Ban


Megyn Kelly sounds more like a nasty woman of the left in this video than an impartial journalist as she attacks Mike Huckabee over Trump’s Muslim ban.

First Kelly showed a long clip of the Democrat Muslim talking at the DNC about his son who tragically died fighting for our country. The father was at the convention to condemn Trump. Throughout Huckabee’s comments, he had to compete with a split screen showing a cemetery of our deceased military.

To say that it’s crazy to put a temporary ban on Muslims form terror nations until we have a secure vetting system is crazy. If this were 1942, would we import thousands of Germans who could be Nazis, “no”. We actually imprisoned innocent Japanese because they looked different and that was under the revered Democrat FDR. That’s not what Trump is talking about.

Trump generalized when he first addressed the issue at a time when Obama was planning to send hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into the US.

Trump also always negotiates from the most extreme point.

Months ago – not “just now” as Megyn said – he clarified that it would be those who come from terror nations. Recently, as a result of the terrorism in France and Germany, Trump expanded that to possibly include those countries.

It’s hard to understand the pushback in light of what is going on.

Megyn was fairly nasty to The former governor who also had his own show on Fox before he ran for the presidency. Is Fox pushing left before the election?


  1. I was watching this last night and I was outraged over her comments !! I have decided to tune her out in the future.

    Huckabee had it right – Kelly agreed – but then pointed out “it’s not what Trump” meant !! Kelly, Please get off the stage and join the Left because you are not for America any longer !!!

    • I used to love watching her in the morning with Bill Hemmer and then I saw her get nasty with him and kind of take over, putting him down. Hemmer seems happier with that sweet Martha McCallum. I decided to give her another chance on her new show and did like her. She’s beautiful, smart, and I like the aggressive questioning but I am more and more turned off by her arrogance and conceit. I tape her show and skim it for good interviews but she has a lot of lefties on and I really don’t care if I ever watch her show again. Huckabee deserved better than she dished out and he didn’t look happy at her refusal to comprehend Trump and give him a fair opportunity to explain.

  2. I quit watching Fox News with Megyn Kelly months ago when she first had her “dust up” with Trump. The problem I had was not the argument between the two of them but what she did immediately after.

    She hurried up and booked socialist Michael Moore who hates Trump to a 17 minute segment the next day and sat there and drooled all over this socialist clown and then at the end she smiled and shook his sweaty fat hand. It made me sick!

    Since that time I only watch Bill O’Reilly and for sure Sean Hannity. I hope in the future that Fox sees the light and brings Sean back on the 9pm slot right after Bill placing Megyn in the “waste basket”!

  3. Megyn Kelly is a wanna be actress.She is sickening with her Democratic attitude.I agree with Tater Salad. Wish Fox would ” dump”her!!

  4. I too am outraged by Megan’s comments. It IS the same issue as Mr Huckabee pointed out.
    It is ludicrous to make the argument that Megan made. I temporary ban of any or All Muslims countries until we can be sure we are not letting radical Islamic terrorists into the country only makes sense
    I wonder what Megan would do to keep America safe from what is happening in Europe ?
    It’s easy to poke holes in someone else’s solution when you do NOT have one of your own. You lost me on this one Megan, you sounded like a jackass.

  5. Megynecological said she was a journalist. Because journalists obviously wear eight-inch long bangles in their ears and pose in their underwear for Cosmo. She’s still grieving over Michelle fields, whom Trump kicked in the face and stomped on her spine and put her on life support. Oh, wait, that was Corey, and Trump just threw a sheet over her so the Secret Service wouldn’t notice. Yeah, that’s it. Debate moderator. Yeah that’s it.

  6. I have noticed that Megyn Kelley has become too ‘full of herself’ on Fox News. She has been rude to a number of guests one being Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick back on May 14th : “On Friday night’s Kelly Files, host Megyn Kelly let Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick get his say on his opposition President Obama’s order to public schools that they must respect trans students’ right to use the bathroom. Then she shut him down hard — including cutting him off at the end of the segment.” The article tries to present her as being ‘tough’, but She acted like a spoiled Prima Dona NOT a professional. However, she is but one on a growing list of talk show hosts (pseudo-journalists) who challenge every statement their guests make! I stopped watching her show for these very reasons.

  7. What has happened to the clear thinking Megan Kelly? She has become as narrow minded as lo also, taked over Huckabee and didn’t even try to understand Trumps real purposes for wanting to band all Muslims until they can be vetoed. ISIS ARE MUSLIM STUPID. THAT DAD’s son grew up before ISIS EVEN AROUND!!!! TIME HAS CHANGED. Society must adapt to this change in who is the bad guy just as they must adjust that guy folks are not bad folks. Megan you were a star in my eyes. NO MORE. YOUR LIGHT HAS BURNT OUT!

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