MeMeMeMeMeMe President Celebrates MLK Jr With a Selfie


Today, Mr. Obama paid tribute to MLK Jr. with a self-portrait.

Obama selfie

That shadow pic must have polled well. He’s used it before. They can photoshop that endlessly and he doesn’t even have to bother visiting memorials.

photo must have polled well

This one says it all, doesn’t it?


Living in Obama’s America is like living with Dear Leader. What do you think the chances are that he actually worked with these children on MLK Day?

more obama selfie

Let me take the time to remind people of Obama’s history of selfies. He’s the memememememememememememememememememememememe president.

Here he remembers Neil Armstrong. You’ll notice there are no photos of Neil Armstrong.

He's neil armstrong

He honored women with a picture of himself.

Here he is as a woman

Here is his glorious vision of himself in the US embassy in England. He dwarfs Abe and George.

him in the US embassy

He’s Nelson Mandela too. That’s very appropriate – two commies.

mandela obama

Rosa Parks remembered. You have to use your imagination for this one.

Obama rosa parks

Remembering the troops without troops.

Obama sending Thanksgiving message to the military.

He didn’t make the march but he did sign the book.

Obama comemorates victims of Fr terrorist attacks